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Seatbelts (lewie and Grandpa)

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Doesnt Matter

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Seatbelts (lewie and Grandpa)

By: Jancee Byers Fasten Seat Belt
Someone Needs You! On a normal Day My grandpa
and Cousin Lewie were on there
way to Piano Lesson. Lewie was in the Front Seat
talking to my Grandpa and
having a good conversation. In the matter of minutes something
tragic happened to my Grandpa and Lewie. The dangers of NOT wearing a seat belt? A Teenager wasn't paying attention to on coming traffic. MY Grandpa and
Lewie were Hit!! The ambulance were called to the accident. It was Lewie. He was outstretched into backseat between 2 front seats. Lewie was all burnt up and injured from the airbag. Lewie had to stay in the Chadron Hopsital for a couple days. Lewie got to come home after being in the hospital for a couple days and had to be watch. My family had put out donations to the community
to help pay for the doctor
bills and appts. Someone cares
too much about
you to die. FASTEN YOUR
SEAT BELT! Lewie has lost function of his right arm. But that didn't stop him from doing sports. Lewie has accomplished a lot in Life and School sense the accident. I hope this story has inspired you to always wear your seat belt and not put you child in the Front seat of the vehicle. Vehicles were spinning. A lady ask My grandpa many Question. "Are you Okay?' ' Do you need anything?" All He could do is mumble "MY GRANDSON!" My Grandpa was assisted out of The Car. The lady saw a childs legs in the Front seat of the car. Lewie's head was tilted back, So the lady gently moved his head forward to be in alignment with his body as bent. The blood rolled out of Lewie's mouth (head was sideways). He was still breathing. Lewie was unconscious and no movement for another minute. Then he started to wiggle. Lewie eventually pulled himself up to a sitting position. But became very restless. Lewie didnt say anything until after the ambulance been at the accident for minutes. Lewie was then loaded on the stretcher
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