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Car Free Day

A lesson about consequences

John-Paul Powley

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of Car Free Day

Car Free Day? Consequences It's personal Mr. Powley Why Conclusion what could I do? A teacher at East worries about stuff decides to walk to school there are way more than I thought Mr Powley lives in Berhampore, and it
takes about 35 minutes to walk to East from
Berhampore Mr Powley usually walks through the Newtown shops Since I started walking last year there have only been a dozen or so days when it was too foul to walk (it snowed on a few of those days). Here's a picture of Berhampore over 100 years ago. Carbon emissions are bad for our environment.
What is our school's transport footprint? When I began to walk to school I thought it would be
a good way to save money. It was. When I
drove to my old job in Wainuiomata it cost me
about $500 a term in petrol. At the moment it
costs me $20 a term for a Snapper card.

But there were whole of other consequences...
What do you think they were? 1. I wore out my shoes...

which means I had to buy some more, which made
me wonder... "am I supporting unethical working conditions in a sweat shop somewhere?", but you can only worry about one thing at a time. 2. I also wore out my socks...

which is quite embarrassing when we have assembly in the sports centre and I have to take off my shoes 3. I lost weight, which led to number four... 4. I became quite smug 5. I became connected to my community Hi, I'm Mr. Powley. Some people think I look like this guy. I used to worry about things like rubbish and climate change
a bit, but now I have two daughters I worry about it quite a lot.
When I saw this speech that a girl made to the UN it really blew me away. But what could I do about it? When I started walking through Newtown instead of driving through it I noticed all the cool things that happen there:
all the amazing dressed middle-eastern women in their cool clothes that go to the halal butcher
the market that is on every Saturday that I now go and buy my fruit and vege from
all the Iraqi men who hang out smoking and gossiping next to the barber where I get my haircut
the dude who is always playing guitar outside the mall 6. My trip to work creates no pollution... which is important right? For some people it is really, really important: What kind of world do you want? If all our students walked to school:
- How many minutes in total would our class walk?
-How many kilometres would we have walked (estimate15minutesperkilometre)?
- How many litres petrol would we save (estimate 1 litre per 10 kilometres)?
- How much carbon (assume 2.3kg of CO2 per litre of petrol)? I decided to walk to work Look at the roads, and the vehicles Must have been pretty quiet... So, the world would be a quieter, cleaner place without cars, but what other consequences are there if people walk more?
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