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Parson's warm bath theory

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debs walton

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Parson's warm bath theory

Parson's warm bath theory
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
1902- 1979
Harvard University:
1927 to 1973

Functionalist sociologist, was
Influenced by Durkheim.

functions of the family
1. Primary socialisation of children
2.Stabilisation of adult personalities

primary socialisation
A child is taught what is the norm in society and what is valued.
Child’s personality is moulded to fit these expectations
Parson’s argues that families are “factories” which produce human personalities.
Families provide warmth, security and mutual support – he argues that no other institution can provide this context.

Stabilization of adult personalities
Once produced, the personality must be kept stable.
Marriage – emotional security each provide.
This acts as a stress relief from day to day life, which can make the personality destabilized.

In western industrial societies the nuclear family is important because they are largely isolated from kin. It does not provide wider support from the extended family, meaning the couple rely on each other.

Parents personalities are stabilized through bringing up children, this allows them to act out childish elements of their own personalities which they have retained from childhood but which cannot be indulged in adult society.

in other words...
The family is like a warm bath, where the family can recharge their batteries, receive emotional support and act out childish whims.
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