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Aztecs and their relationship to Cortes

No description

Wyatt Neth

on 8 September 2013

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Transcript of Aztecs and their relationship to Cortes

Excitement, Expansion, Changing Horizons
Incas and their relationship to Pizarro.
Aztecs and their relationship to Cortes.
The relationship of the Aztecs and Cortes was a fake bond. The Aztecs thought he was a god who had come to fulfill a prophecy. He played off of this so he could get close and the then strike them down.

When Cortes returned to the city, he found his men had mass murdered the Aztecs at a religious ceremony. The Aztecs where angered at this so they fought back. During this out break he was hit in the head by a rock and died.

Pizarro had a relationship much like Cortez. He befriended them for a short time, then found the right time to strike down on the Incas.

Pizarro called the Incas to a meeting with the plan to kill them all. He did just this he meet them and killed all of the unarmed Incas in under a hour.

Over all they where both ruthless killers for money, land, and power.
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