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S.E Hinton

No description

Amy Edwards

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of S.E Hinton

By: Lisa Morlan S.E Hinton Teenage Years. She developed her love for Literature, but she found stories limited and boring.
She starting writing her first novel at age 15.
When she was a junior in High School, her father was diagonosed with cancer.
To help her deal with her fathers condition she leaned too writing more.
This led to the book the "Outsiders" Childhood Tex Tex is a young adult novel by S. E. Hinton, published in 1979.
Rumble fish and Tex both take the place as her first book "The Outsiders."
Its preceded by Rumble Fish and followed by Taming the Star Runner. Since her narrator was a boy, in her books. Hinton's publishers suggested that she publish under the name of S. E. Hinton.
They feared their readers wouldn't respect a "macho" story written by a woman.
Hinton says today, "I don't mind having two identities; in fact, I like keeping the writer part separate in some ways. And since my alter ego is clearly a 15-year-old boy, having an authorial self that doesn't suggest a gender is just fine with me." Quotes By S.E Hinton I go straight from thinking about my narrator to being him.
I have no idea why I write. The old standards are: I like to express my feelings, stretch my imagination, earn money.
Sometimes, I feel like I spent the first part of my life wishing to be a teen-age boy, and the second part condemned to being on one. Bibliography Rumble Fish Rumble Fish is a novel for young adults by S. E. Hinton in 1975.
It talks about the gang life and drug abuse as well as "Tex" and "The Outsiders."
Rumble Fish follows Tex. S.E was born July 22, 1950 in Tulsa Oklahoma.
S.E is short for Susan Eloise
Susan started reading and writing at a very early age.
The shy girl also had dreams of becoming a cattle rancher, until she had a desire for a writing career. Susan was 18 when "The Outsiders" was published.
Published in 1967.
"The Outsiders" is a coming-of-age novel.
This book follows two rival groups, the Greasers and the Socs.
The Outsiders was a controversial book at the time of its publication and is still a frequently challenged book nowadays.
This book has been banned from some schools and libraries because of the gang violence, underage smoking and drinking, as well as strong language/slang and family dysfunction.
However, in many schools today, this book is part of the middle school and high school studies. The Outsiders Hinton states that she is a private person who is not comfortable talking about her personal life.
She enjoys reading (Jane Austen, Mary Renault, F. Scott Fitzgerald), writing, taking classes at the local university, and horseback riding.
Hinton is also a fan of the TV series Supernatural, having visited the set on a number of occasions.
She appeared as an extra in the season 7 episode Slash Fiction.
She is married to David Inhofe, in the summer of 1970.
She met David in her freshman biology class at college.
On August 1983, they became parents to, Nicolas David Inhofe, who has worked as a sound effects recordists on the movie Ice Age: The Meltdown. Personal Life Films Hinton herself acted as a location scout, and she had roles in three of the four films..
She plays the nurse in room for The Outsiders. In Tex, she is the teacher who is surprised by the caps going off in the type writers. She also appears as a prostitute propositioning Rusty James in Rumble Fish.
The only film script adaptation Hinton wrote of her own work was for Rumble Fish, which she co-wrote with Coppola.
In 2009, Hinton was the school principal in "The Legend of Billy Fail." The Outsiders
Con't More Books By: S.E Hinton That Was Then, This is Now
Rumble Fish
Wuthering Heights
Puppy Sister
Taming the Star Runner The Story Behind the "S.E" http://www.sehinton.com/
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