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No description

Maddie Burgess

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Twisted

Show the ones who try to break you down that you can overcome their ways through perseverance.

I chose this theme for my book because I feel that it relates to the main characters conflicts directly. Tyler Miller struggled throughout the whole book with people trying to get inside his head. His dad and Chip, especially. Chip is always threatening Tyler because of his sister, and his dad always expects more than he is capable of. Tyler just about reaches breaking point, but then he realizes that he needs to step up, become a man, and stop running from his problems.

The author uses inner thoughts and feelings, and actions to characterize Tyler Miller. In the book, he has a complete different thought in his head of losing his temper and what he wishes he could do. "
I pick him up by the throat and lift him slowly until his feet dangle three inches from the floor. He cant make a sound. His fingers claw desperately at my hands. His feet kick. I squeeze
"(232). This quote is an example of how the author uses both inner thoughts and feelings, and actions to characterize Tyler. At this point in the book, Tyler's dad has almost lost his temper n him, right before he tells his dad he is innocent. it is a comparison of what Tyler does to what he wants to do.
Plot Cont.
After this, Bethany becomes more interested in Tyler as the days go on, and he goes from being a nobody to someone who everybody loves. He is happy that everyone finally forgot about his summer offense and that he has the girl of his dreams wrapped around his finger. A few months into the school year, Bethany invites Tyler to a party after their homecoming football game. At the party, Bethany gets wasted and someone takes naked pictures of her, and posts them on the internet. Everyone assumes Tyler did it, and vow to make his life a living hell. At school everyday, Tyler is constantly stolen from, kicked, hit, and discriminated against. His principal also makes him stay in his own room everyday, and have the teachers go tutor him, even though he believes Tyler is innocent. Finally, after lots of punishment from Bethany’s brother, the police, and especially his father, Tyler is proven not guilty when the police trace the pictures back to another person's computer.

I believe Laurie Halse Anderson breaks
into chapters that represent specific events in Tyler's life. These chapters are broken down into points in Tyler's day that he feels are important. Also, she italicizes Tyler's inner thoughts of what he wants to do in a situation vs. what he does.
The novel Twisted is based on a 17 year old boy named Tyler’s life. In the beginning, he tells about how he got in trouble for spray painting profanity on his high school, George Washington High. Tyler is infatuated with his father’s boss’ daughter, Bethany Milbury, who doesn’t even know that he exists, until her father hosts a work party that Tyler’s whole family is invited to. The only thing that stands between Tyler and Bethany is her older brother, Chip. Chip decides to sabotage his father’s party and frame Tyler. At just the right moment, Chip pushes Tyler into a waiter carrying a platter full of champagne glasses. Tyler knocks down Bethany, who steps all over the broken glass and has to get stitches.


Point of View
The book Twisted is told in a first person point of view. I can tell this by the amount of I’s throughout the story.

Man vs. Society
Presentation By: Maddie Burgess
Tyler is constantly faced with challenges from everyone in his school, his parents, his sister, and the law. he was accused of a crime he did not commit, and he was paying for it as if he was guilty.
Man vs. man
Tyler and his dad cannot agree on anything n the book. they are always battling, and his dad never supports or praises Tyler. This plays a huge role in Tyler's downfall.

Tophet is the video game Tyler plays throughout the book. In the game, as the character decreases levels, he goes deeper into hell, then finally, on the last level, he defeats the lord of darkness. I believe the game symbolizes his life, the character is Tyler, and the lord of darkness is his dad.
Quote #1
"I looked in the mirror and realized the I was already dead. I let you kill me one piece at a time, starting when I was what? Eight years old? nine? You killed yourself and then you came after us" (241).
This quote is Tyler explaining to his dad what stopped him from killing himself. Tyler finally stands up against his dad and refuses to let him take his anger from his own failure out on him, his mom, and his sister. This is when tyler's dad finally realizes that he has been a horrible husband and father, and decides to change.
Quote #2
"And then a new screen, one I had never seen before, never heard of, popped up. It gave me a choice. I could become the new lord of darkness myself, or I could take a gamble and be reincarnated. I chose wisely" (250).
I chose this quote because it is the last few sentences in the book and it is very significant in my eyes. Tyler has just beat the game Tophet, and defeated the lord of darkness. in his life, this is equivalent to him overcoming the challenges he suffered from through the whole book, and finally stepping up and conquering his dad. I think Tyler chose to be reincarnated, instead f becoming to lord of darkness. In his life, he would rather start fresh and make his own future than going down the same path his father did.
Essential question #1
Does every person you meet have some kind of impact on your life?
Yes, even if you only talk to them for a minute, they can say something that you will never forget. In the book, Tyler goes to the roof of the school at night and thinks about jumping, but a janitor follows him and says some words that Tyler takes into consideration "Don't be a baby- Live your own life" (197).
Essential Question #2
Should you always stick up for yourself, or is it better to back down sometimes?
Sometimes it is better to back down, to keep yourself out of trouble. This does not mean you should always let the other person win and take advantage of you. If Tyler lost control and did everything he wanted to do, he would be in a lot more trouble than he already was.
Significance of the title
I think the author chose the title
for this book to emphasize how upside down Tyler's life is.
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