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Fuligo Septica

No description

Amber Jane

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Fuligo Septica

Fuligo Septica
Also known as dog vomit, slime mold, and Scrambled egg slime.
It is known to also grow on wood substances in the months of May through October.

Typically found in decaying, moist, and shady places. For example: forest floors. They also produce an abundance of any slime mold.
They spread in a fan-shaped pattern, which is also what they are shaped like. They form structures called " Plasmodia", these usually do the moving and consuming food for them.
They contribute by decomposing dead vegetation , and by eating bacteria, yeasts, and also fungi.
Five types of Myxogastria are Echinostelida, Liceida, Physarida, Stemonitida, and Trichiida.
They all live in very moist colonies.
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