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Alien Guidebook - Kenya

A interesting and interactive fact-file about Kenya

Holly Thompson

on 14 June 2015

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Transcript of Alien Guidebook - Kenya

Population statistics
The crude birth rate (CBR) in Kenya for 2012 was 35.5, while the crude death rate was 8.6. The average life expectancy in 2012 was 61.08. There are currently 44.35 million people living in Kenya.
Natural features
Kenya is located 0° North of the equator and 40° East of the Prime Meridian. It is in the East of Africa, bordering Ethiopia, Somalia, Uganda, South Sudan and Tanzania. The capital city of Kenya is Nairobi. Mombasa and Kisumu are major cities.

History and Religion
There are three main religions in Kenya: Christianity (mainly protestant), Islam and Hinduism. There are at least 68 languages spoken in Kenya, and at least 70 different ethnic groups.
Wildlife and Safari
Kenya is home to many amazing animals, including Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Buffalos and Rhinos - the 'Big 5'. For this reason, Kenya is a very popular place to go on Safaris. One of Kenya's most visited Safari parks is Maasai Mara. It is located close to the South-West border between Kenya and Tanzania.
Where is Kenya?
Thank you for watching!
There are many volcanoes in Kenya, including Mount Eglon, Namarunu and Longonot. However, the last eruption in Kenya (Barrier) occurred in 1921.
There are lots of mountains in Kenya. These include Mount Kinangop, Mount Kulal and Mount Kenya, which is 5199m (17057 feet) tall!
Question 1
The capital city of Kenya is...

a) Nairobi
b) Kisumu
c) Mombasa
Question 2
Kenya is located...

a) 0° North, 70° East
b) 40° South, 20° West
c) 0° North, 40° East
Question 3
Kenya's 3 main religions are...

a) Christianity, Islam and Hindu
b) Islam, Sikh and Hindu
c) Islam, Christianity and Sikh
1944 - The Kenyan African Union (KAU) formed a campaign for African independence. First African appointment to council.
1947 - Jomo Kenyatta becomes KAU leader.
1953 - Kenyatta charged with management of Mau Mau and jailed. KAU banned.
1959 - Kenyatta released from jail but under house arrest.
1963 - Kenya gained independence
1964 - Kenya became a republic.
1974 - Kenyatta re-elected.
1992 - Approximately 2,000 people killed in tribal conflict in the west of the country.
Question 4
Which of these countries borders Kenya?

a) South Africa
b) Ethiopia
c) Chad
Which of these animals is not part of the Big 5?

a) Lion
b) Tiger
c) Buffalo
Question 5
Which of these volcanoes erupted most recently?

a) Barrier
b) Longonot
c) Mount Kenya
Question 6
Which of these animals is not part of the Big 5?

a) Lion
b) Tiger
c) Buffalo
Question 5
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