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Leadership Pipeline Presentation

No description

Emily Walls

on 20 July 2011

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Transcript of Leadership Pipeline Presentation

Definition 1. Skill Requirements
2. Time Applications
3. Work Values Why Purpose Clear Channel Recommendations The Leadership Pipeline 1. Rapid company growth

2. Few leaders to choose from 1. Ensures managers will be prepared for and placed in appropriate leadership roles Individual Contributor Manager / Supervisor Manager of Managers Senior Level Executive 1. Clarify expectations on a regular basis
2. Hold corporate events
3. Create an established and more thorough feedback system Individual Contributor Recommendations Time: Manage interns: Learn how to make time for others, delegate work, provide constructive feedback, and motivate

Skill: Sit in on job interview; Ask for feedback after finishing assignments

Value: Meet with managers to discuss goals and expectations Manager / Supervisor Recommendations Manager of Managers Recommendations Senior Level Executive Recommendations 1. Recognize employees' developmental needs
2. Determine employee mobility
3. Effectively prepare employees for leadership roles
4. Identify future leaders
5. Cut recruitment and training costs Time: 360 feedback system

Skill: Executive development programs

Value: Set leadership tone Time: Regularly set aside time to meet with direct reports (Julio's staff meetings)

Skill: Delegate assignments that will stretch direct reports

Value: Show interest in employee development Time: Build team spirit:

Skill: Delegate and take on projects that will stretch you

Value: Take interest in employee development Recommendations Is the Pipeline Necessary? Recommendations 2. Each passage requires a shift of managing and leading in three areas: (No emails or calls on Friday; department lunch once a month) Recommendations Recommendations Of the Pipeline Of the Leadership Pipeline Enhance Organizational Effectiveness Ever-evolving business world Costly outside recruiting
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