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Canada Then VS Now

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praby <3 kaur

on 4 February 2015

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Transcript of Canada Then VS Now


Good morning 8B!!

There are many things that have changed with Canada since the 1800's. Today ill be sharing some of those things with you.
FASHION! (back then)

Back in the 1840's -1890's, Canadians liked represent themselves with what they wore.
Their image would show what kind of people they were.
Women's Wear
Fashion! (now)

Now days people wear anything they want and anything they like! Fashion runs all around the world. Now days they're bringing back the 1980's and 1990's fashion!
Women's Wear
Men's Wear
One of the most obvious things that have changed is population. The population of Canada in 1867 was just over 3,000,000 NOW, it is 35.16 million (2013) Many people immigrated to Canada in the 1900's!

Children's wear
Women's life (then)
-Women's life back then was a lot harsher than it is now!
-Women were always considered inferior to men, and in fact, were not even considered people under the law!
-Their husbands held absolute control over the family's income.
-They had less opportunities then men and were to stay home and take care of the family, house and children.
Women's life (now)
-Slowly afterwords, women faught for their rights! they protested and made sure everyone knew they wished for equality.
- Women then got the rights they wanted they could vote, and were able to do things with or without a man.
-Now they are able to have an education, work, have a career, raise their kids alone,provide for their families and are able to do many other daily living things without a man!
- Yet some women are still not respected right and face some little problems too like, wages in workplace and attention from government and politics
- Still now, women have more opportunities then they did before!
Working life (then)
People back then in the 1800's-1900's did not have much of a variety of work choices. They were most likely to fur trade with each other to get the supplies they needed,or to be involved with a fishing industry.
Working life (now)
people now have much more of a variety of jobs to get the money they need. PEople now go for careers or just work part time (service or buisness). They get money working these jobs to help buy what they need.
Politics (then)
Back then, the Prime Minister of Canada was John A Mcdonald from 1867-1873. The politcal party back then was the Conservatives. There was a leader who would sort of control the activities of the party.
Politics (now)
Now, the Prime Minister of Canada is Stephen Harper and he has been since 2006. The political party is still the Conservatives. All parties are organized in the same fashion (hierarchically).
Sports (then)
Sports that were popular in the 1850's and 1900's were sports such as lacrosse, hockey, and curling.
Back then, Sports was not such a big deal and wasn't much of a job\career.
Popular sports now are soccer, hockey, baseball and basketball. Many athletes now have a career in sports and make thousands and millions of dollars.
That's a wrap!
that is it for my presentation hope you enjoyed bye bye !
- Prabhleen 8B
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