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Formal Paragraphs and "The Most Dangerous Game"

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Sarah Juhant

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of Formal Paragraphs and "The Most Dangerous Game"

Original Prompt
Using the characterization chart you completed this week, write a paragraph in which you discuss one of the character traits of either General Zaroff or Rainsford. You must have: 1.) Topic Sentence, 2.)3 Specific Examples from the story, 3.) Cited line numbers for each example, 4.) Concluding Sentence. (15 points)
Rule #1: Don't Use First Person in a formal paragraph!!!!
In the story, Rainsford has many character traits. The one I'm going to choose is talented. Rainsford is a very talented man. For starters, he wrote a book on how to catch snow leopards in Tibet (lines 15-30). He also knew how to follow the tracks from the dead carcass (lines 100-150). Last but not least, he knew how to build traps like the Burmese Tiger Pit, Malay Man Catcher, and the knife throwing trap (line 500, 644). As you can see from this story, Rainsford is a very talented man.
Rule #2: Cite Your Examples and Cite them Correctly!!!
In "The Most Dangerous Game," Rainsford is sly. He built a malay-man catcher. He built a Burmese Tiger Pit. Plus, he built the knife tree thrower. I found those examples in lines 609, 644, and 663. In conclusion, from the evidence I found and cited, Rainsford is sly.
Good Example
In the story "The Most Dangerous Game," the character Rainsford is very adventurous. Rainsford loves to hunt really big game (line 14). He was also going to Rio to hunt jaguars (line 13). When he fell off the ship, he followed the blood trail on Ship Trap Island (line 119-120). Rainsford is very adventurous for doing these things.
Rule #3: Have a clear topic sentence and a clear concluding sentence!!!
Rainsford from "The Most Dangerous Game" is brave. The reason that Rainsford is brave is because, one, he stand up and plays "the game" (512-710). To risk someone's life to hunt is brave. He also stands up to General Zaroff and does not try to escape from the island once he finds out that Zaroff is a "man killer" (370-380). Another big reason he is brave is because he doesn't run from Ivan when Ivan puts the gun to Rainsford's chest (147-160). Rainsford would not be considered brave if he did not do any of these things.
Rainsford in "The Most Dangerous Game" was a very smart person. He showed that by swimming to shore, and he knew that there would be men who hunted for food in lines 108-109. Rainsford also knew how to build the Malay-man catcher when he saw the dead tree in lines 608-610. When Rainsford was going through the forest he stepped in quicksand and he got an idea. He built the Burmese Tiger Pit which killed General Zaroff's best dog in lines 638-644. Rainsford showed these skills and it made him look like was a very smart person.
Formal Paragraphs and "The Most Dangerous Game"
Exit Ticket
Look at the feedback on your characterization paragraph. What did you do well? What could you have done better? What will you work on next time you are given a writing assignment like this?

Write at least 4 sentences on your notecard.
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