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The Odyssey Book 1

No description

Paloma Astrain

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of The Odyssey Book 1

n c this story tell of the zeus could not forget oddyseus The Adventures of Odyssey Book one This story tells of
Odysseus journey to
return to his wife and
son. Poseidon is preventing Odysseus's from coming home the greek warriors
who escaped died in battle
or shipwrecked they conqured Troy Odysseus was held back from
Calypso all gods took
pity of Odysseus the gods wanted to help
Odysseus come back home Athena is going to encourage
Telemachus (Odysseus son)
to assemble all the men of Ithca Telemachus was grieving
for his brave father Athena gave advice to Telemachus Telemachus realized that the
stranger must have been
a god Telemachus did as he was told
and told the suitors to go home Telemachus laid awake thinking about the advice Athena gave him By: Paloma Astrain, Lupita Robles, Miguel Esteban, and Patricia Galloway
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