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Marlene Muniz

No description

marlene muniz

on 24 September 2014

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Transcript of Marlene Muniz

Marlene Muniz
Dangers of Sexting
Topics of Discussion
Posting Pictures on the Internet
Consequences of Sexting
Sexting is the most thing that happens in everyday life. Anyone can feel scared or any other emotions. It can happen to any one even a boy and causes a great problem to you and to your friends. This is a problem where people just want to be cool or be popular. People don't know what is heading for them. It's pretty scary knowing one of your best friends is doing it to you and you just can't trust them.
Dangers of Sexting
Posting Pictures on the Internet
Advice I Gave My Friend
Consequences of Sexting
Dangers of Sexting
you got to be careful with who your real friends are.
Problems occur once your photos upload and people of all over the world look at it.
Adivice I Gave My Friend
Helping out a friend is the best support that person could have.
Try to delete everything off your phone and start over by getting help.
Bryanna Cardenas
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