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Wurlitzer Jukebox

No description

Rachel Beall

on 19 January 2016

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Transcript of Wurlitzer Jukebox

Wurlitzer Jukebox

Background Information
Past to Present
1946 - Wurlitzer Jukebox
1964 - 8 track
1971 - Cassette
1976 - Boom Box
1979 - Walkman
1982 - Compact Disc
1984 - Discman
1992 - Minidiscs
1997 - Mp3
2000 - NOMAD Jukebox
2001 - iPod
2002 - Archos Jukebox Multimedia
2004 - AZ-RS256
2004 - iPod Mini
2004 - iPod Nano
2005 - iPod Shuffle
2007 - iPhone
Mechanics of the Wurlitzer Juke Box
Interesting Facts
Originally called a Nickelodeon
Coin Handling Mechanism
There were 400,000 jukeboxes in use in the US
The Wurlitzer model was considered a work of art
The Affects of the Jukebox
In 1948, Seeburg offered its own innovation to the jukebox industry
Begins with the
Insertion Slide

Metal frame with a hole for a coin
One side has a larger hole
Opposite side has a smaller hole
Small pins move up and down to detect the raised spots on coins
Go through "chutes" and get evaluated
This allowed popular music to be played in the same venue
Refurbished classic models are collectables
Parents thought jukeboxes were a bad influence
They thought they went hand in hand with the bar setting
Jukeboxes were connected to the rock and roll era
One of the key factors in shaping music and culture
Thought of as a novelty
Listened to for nostalgia

[All information is from Wurlitzer 150 Years]
Compact discs became the norm for modern jukeboxes in the 1980s
From 1942 till early 1946, jukebox production was halted by the US government
A saying was “drop 5 cents in the slot for a real concert”
How do you believe the jukebox has influenced how we listen to music today?
Do you think music is important for society?
The term jukebox came from "juke point", derived from the Gullah word "juke" or "joog" meaning disorderly, rowdy, or wicked. [American Blues Scene]
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First jukebox was invented in 1879 by Louis Glass and William S. Arnold
Wurlitzer started to make jukeboxes in 1946
Took over 60% of the jukebox market
Every bar and resaurant had a Wurlitzer Jukebox
Most popular model was the 1015
Slogan was "Wurlitzer is Jukebox"
Considered a collectable or an antique

[All information is from Jukeboxes: The Complete History]

Selection Mechanism
History of the Jukebox
Customer chooses songs
Movable cams are on the circumference of the drum wheels
Cams are set to number of songs chosen
Select bar moves upward until it finds a set cam
Carrier moves the record to the turntable & plays music
Repeats until it reaches the top
Select bar lowers
Louis Glass invented the first music playing devices that required money
Glass had a partner named William S. Arnold
Glass had a job working the telegraph lines for Western Union
Glass invested in some phone companies in the Bay area and Southern California.
Glass then rose to general manager of the Pacific States Telephone and Telegraphy Company
Glass and Arnold created a device that would play a song from a wax cylinder phonograph after you put a nickel in
According to Timetoast
Sound System
Use record systems to produce the sound
Known for "different sound levels in recording"
1947 circuit allowed for volume to stay at same level as surrounding sounds
Separate volume controls for each record
There is also a master volume control
A Wurlitzer 1015 first sold for $750
Rachel, Audrey, Myrah, Michelle, Danielle
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[All information from
[All information from
[Info from encyclopedia]
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