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Text Types

According to the type of information presented and its general structure, types are classiffied as follows.

richard rosson

on 11 April 2011

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Transcript of Text Types

Text Types People write texts with different purposes Instruct Inform Persuade Describe Texts that tell you how to do something. Texts that give you facts, explain, clarify or advise you about something. ...is the purpose of a text that wants to convince you of an opinion or belief. In this purpose, the text describes a person, place or thing. The reader can 'imagine' it clearly. In consequence Four types of texts: Writers can produce Instructive Text Informative Text Persuasive Text Descriptive Text A recipe
A manual A dictionary
A reference book An advertisement
Political Campaigns En novelas, cuentos
o cualquier texto que MUESTRE algo en vez de RELATAR lo que le pasa... Practice What type of text is it? Skimming & Scanning
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