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Blended and Virtual Learning at Cobb Virtual Academy

No description

Ryan Fuller

on 22 September 2011

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Transcript of Blended and Virtual Learning at Cobb Virtual Academy

Blended and Virtual Learning
Cobb Virtual Academy 30% Annual growth rate in K-12

By 2015, 17 million K-12 will participate in some form of online instruction

Over 90% of colleges offer some form of online learning

4 million college students currently enrolled in fully online courses Eliminates geographical constraints
Time is a resource Student-centered, teacher-facilitated Engaging content Personalized instruction
Program Curriculum Teachers
Parents Students District Level Partnership Structure Standards-based Developed and sustained Engaging Flexible Highly qualified Online pedagogy Continuing education “As a Cobb Virtual Academy instructor, I get to know a student based on their performance, free of biases or assumptions.” “My CVA experience has improved my understanding of how students respond to my written instructions.” “Teaching online has encouraged me to incorporate more technology and resources into my face-to-face courses.” Choice Support Partners “The student learns to manage their time and complete assignments on time. In some sense, Cobb Virtual Academy mimics the demands of college.” “My child is able to work at her own pace and spend additional time on elements that are difficult for her and less time on areas that she understood. I think overall she is learning the subject more thoroughly than her classmates who are sitting in class with the teacher.” “It gave my daughter a good understanding of the commitment it takes to complete an online course.” Acceleration Remediation Graduation 85% Pass rate 11 Years of Success 75% Met or exceeded standards on state-mandated tests 5th Year Seniors Advanced Hospital Homebound Athletes Performing Arts Early Graduation Joint Enrollment “The experience prepares me for college since we have to rely on ourselves to accomplish tasks instead of creating more dependence on the teacher.” “I liked that I could work on my own time, which backfired a little bit but that’s okay.” “I like the way I don’t have to wait for anyone who is behind and other students don’t have to wait on me.” Lessons Learned Getting
Started Growing Sustaining Quality takes time Establish protocols Learn from those who have gone before Partnerships Choose the LMS that can grow with you Measured growth Minimize distance between
administration and courses Curriculum development Build a positive reputation Establish policies Team culture Teacher identification
and development Marketing
Creative funding
Remain flexible Focus on
graduation requirements Network Learning Continuum CVA Blended Learning Extend, Enrich, Engage Promotes online learning Career and college readiness Blackboard The road ahead Becky Nunnally
Cheryl Rowley
Ryan Fuller “My instructor was very helpful and I enjoyed the teacher-student dynamic we shared despite having met in person only once.” Offering quality online learning opportunities that
prepare students for a lifetime of success
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