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Ch. 2 Heredity & Prenatal Development

PSYC 128

Cristy Pratt

on 10 January 2018

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Transcript of Ch. 2 Heredity & Prenatal Development

Ch. 2 - Heredity &
Prenatal Development

Empathy Belt
First three weeks
Embryonic Period:
Week 4-8
As a blastocyst, I quickly travel and grow. Eagerly making my way to my mommy's uterus. Here, I will attach myself to the lining of her uterus. I have finally found my first home.
Mom has formed a trophoblast layer and an embryoblast layer in one week! The trophoblast layer becomes the prenatal support tissue and the embryoblast layer forms into me.
Disturbances at this point cause major birth defects. Such as Down Syndrome or Ectopic Pregnancy.
Disc phase:
Now that I am attached to the wall in mommy's uterus, I form a primitive streak. This happens within my bilateral disc.
Germinal Period:
Fetal Period:
The primitive streak is creating an identical right and left halves. I am now symmetrical!
Week 9-birth
Influence of Heredity on Development
Chromosomal Abnormalities
Down Syndrome
*Extra chromosome in the 21st pair

Klinefelter Syndrome
*Extra x sex chromosome in males

Turner Syndrome
*Females with single X chromosome
*poorly developed ovaries, short, and infertile
Environmental Influences on Prenatal Development
General Instructions for Expectant Mothers
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