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what i learned in history

No description

quastajua jones

on 7 June 2011

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Transcript of what i learned in history

what did i learn? geography the study of the world and its location stone ages paleolithic (old) neolithic (new) Africa Nubia hint: me, Bella, daniela, and Melanie did Nubia as our Africa project trade silk road gold & salt deserts savannah sahara china quin Qin Dynasty Great wall HAN dynasty Sui & Tang Dynasty Song Dynasty Yuan Dynasty Ming Dynasty MONGOLIA Genghis Khan Kublia Khan Zhu yuanzhuang Zheng He Francis Bacon Rene' Descartes Issasc Newton Galileo Di vinci Renaissance scientific revolution Francis Bacon Rene Descartes Issac Newton Galileo Artist Botticeli DaVinci Michelangelo Raphael ect. Enlightenment tHOMAS hOBBES John locke montesqueiu Voltaire Rouseau Mary Wollstonecraft Adam Smith Revolutions American French the French cannot make up their minds about what kind of government they want Here comes ... Napolean Maximilien Robespierre INDUSTRIAL = CHILD LABOR ( IN Thialand ;) ) many inventions Prussia + Otto Van Bismark = Germany Italian unification Russia Alexander 1 = DECEMBRIST REVOLT Alexander II = freed serfs :D NICOLAS II = Trans-Siberian Railroad okaay so when Nicolas II went to help in the war he left his wife in charge (poeple didnt like that). she started to believe in the mistical powers of Gregory Rasputin because he healed her son.she listened to him over everyone else. she favored him so much that he decided who wud be a govern ment official okaay... so when Nicolas II went to go help out in the war he left his wife (Alexandra) in power. People did not like this very much. People really didnt like her new friend Gregory Rasputin. Czarina became very close to Rasputin when he healed her son. Infact, she favored him so much that he picked who would become a government official. it was then that the nobles tried to kill him. They poisond his food with cyanide but he still didnt die. They then shot him in the chest and he juss started attacki ng the nobles. He tried to escape when they shot him again. He fell to the ground and into a river. The cause of death was drowning. THE END...FINALLY. deAR mrs. k. this may look like an easy project but it isnt. you dont understand how many times i wanted to cry over this thing. with that bein said, i feel that i should get an a+... im just saying :)
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