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Influence of spanish culture

No description

Texas History

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Influence of spanish culture

IF YOU WANT TO SEE AN EXAMPLE ON HOW TO USE THIS TEMPLATE, PLEASE CHECK: https://prezi.com/n-8ibkiw881r/number-systems/ by cesar and
jonathan Influence of
spanish culture Map of Spain Cochinllo Food The spanish brought animals
such as horse ,cows , goats , ducks,hens,and many more they got there from ranching
such as live stock and animal
farms and gardens (1)Do we use animals
for supplies such as
water and bones True or false
(1) False because they got the water from rivers
bullfighting Rodeos clothes This is the map of Spain
in Europe The Spanish brought
Rodeos to Texas The Spanish use cows for
supplies such as milk ,
butter, and cheese This is the clothing
that there is today Animals They used the animals
for supplies like milk ,
eggs, meat etc .....
Answers to questions (2) Did the Spanish influence
us on bullfighting AKA rodeos (2) True because they brought bull
to Texas Reference
world atlas.com www. wikipedia .org
Ranching Cattle
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