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Our Solar System

No description

aracelly flores

on 9 February 2014

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Transcript of Our Solar System

Pluto(Dwarf Planet)
Meteor Shower
A look at the Sun
As large as Uranus
Some white clouds appear in Neptune's air
Moons: 8 maybe more
Rings: 6
Orbit: 164.8 years
Rotation: 16.11 hrs
4 times larger than Earth
Chemicals in the air make it look green
Sideways planet tilted on its sides
North and South pole face Sun for half of its orbit
Orbit: 84.01 years
Rotation: 17.24 hrs
Moons: 21 maybe more
Rings: 11
Made of gas
11 times larger than Earth
Clouds are mostly orange and white
Wind blows Orange clouds in 1 direction and white clouds in the other.
The Great Spot (storm) is 2 times Earth
Moons 28: 2 covered with ice and water underneath
Rings: 3
Orbit: 11.86 years
Rotation: 9.92 hrs.
Water, land and Air
Living things
Clouds made of water drops
Orbit: 1 year
Rotation: 1 day
No Rings
Moon : 1 (man 1st set foot in 1969)
Moon Theory : An object collided with Earth making it bigger than it was but a chunk flew off and became the moon.
Ps: I love earth!! Our planet..
Nearly as large as Earth.
Covered with white clouds made of acid.
Poisonous Air
Hottest planet
Is made of rocks from volcanoes and
Surface covered by lava.
No Moons
No Rings
Orbit: 226.4 days
Rotation: 243 days
Rings made of rock, ice and dust
Clouds are butterscotch color
Moons: 30 maybe more
Rotation: 10.66 hrs
Orbit: 29.46 years
Rings: Thousands
Covered with rusty colored rock and dust
It has a canyon that is almost the distance across the USA
Large volcanoes higher than Mt. Everest
Not enough air for humans its atmosphere is too
Orbit: 1.88 years
Rotation: 24.62 hrs
Moons: 2
Rings: None
Side facing Sun twice as hot as oven (800 F), side facing away is very cold 3 times than Antarctica(-297 F)
No Air
No Water
Thousands of craters
No Moons or Rings
Orbit: 87.66 days
Rotation : 58.66 days

Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars make up the inner planets of the solar system.
Have rocky surfaces, closest to the Sun.
Scientists use space probes to collect data.
Inner Planets
Made of rock and ice
Moon is ½ as large as Pluto
Orbit: 247.7 years
Rotation: 153.3 hrs
Moons: 1
Rings: None

Other Dwarf Planets: CIRES AND ERIS
Aug. 2006 Pluto was degraded to a dwarf planet.

Black Holes
Asteroids: rock and iron objects that orbit the sun.

Meteoroides: pieces of rock that break off asteroids

Meteors: meteoroides that burn up in Earth's atmosphere.

Meteorites: meteoroides that reach Earth's surface.

Comets: chunk of frozen gases, rock, ice and dust.

Stars: huge balls of gas that produce heat and light. They are classified by color, temperature, brightness, and size.
billions of stars and objects that orbit them
Barred Spiral
Our galaxy (the Milky Way Galaxy is considered a Barred Spiral)
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