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Virtual Reality in Education

No description

Chelsea Fuller

on 30 April 2015

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Transcript of Virtual Reality in Education

Price Check
Virtual Reality Info for Teachers
Stanford University
Education World
Provides sites where teachers can create their own VR classrooms
an artificial world that consists of images and sounds created by a computer and that is affected by the actions of a person who is experiencing it

Further Reading/Watching
Accommodates kids not able to physically attend class
Hands on, submersive learning
Increased knowledge retention
Increased student participation
Can be used at any level
Interactive, creative lesson that are more inspiring
Can teach at faster paces
Google Cardboard as low as $4.58
Plastic versions w/ elastic headbands as low as $19.99
Oculus Rift Headgear ~ $550 - $700
Virtual Reality Data Gloves (hard to find!)
Only data gloves found were $750!
Head-mounted Viewers
Cheapest found $170
Prices found as high as $100,000(At Standford)
Virtual Reality Data Suits
Unable to find one for sale, however I can imagine you might as well sell your first-born ;-)
Virtual Reality Workbenches
essentially looks like a giant 3-D tv on a tabletop
Also unable to find a site selling these or even giving me a price. Might as well say goodbye to your second child. ;-p
Virtual Reality Joystick
Found one for Google Cardboard as cheap as $11.69
Can purchase a joystick for more than $600!!!

Virtual Reality in Education
Wallet Friendly Options
Second Life
Schools from Harvard
to Standard have build
virtual reality campuses where students could attend while still getting instruction and 'real life' info
Google Cardboard
View Master
Google is working with Mattel to produce affordable device with 3D slides in the near future
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