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No description

Chloe O

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Webkinz!

By: Chloe Orona Webkinz History Webkinz is made by a corporation based in Toronta, Canada. The company started by Samuel Ganz and today it is now run by the third generation of Ganz's. Webkinz are the first made and offered in 2005 by Ganz corporation. There are many times of catogoriez of webkinz! There is: Seasonal webkinz, vitual webkinz, Dog webkinz, Cat webkinz, Horse Webkinz, Retired Webkinz, Farm Webkinz, Jungle Webkinz, Forest Webkinz, Water Webkinz, Prehistoric Webkinz, Lil' Kinz Webkinz, Birthstone Webkinz, Zodiac Webkinz, Mythical Webkinz, Fantastic Webkinz, Hoofed Webkinz, Flying Webkinz, Reptile Webkinz, Amphibian Webkinz, and the Signature Webkinz. Webkinz! The regular Webkinz are most of the catagoriez that were listed. Who to start Webkinz! 1)Well the first thing you have to do is get a webkinz of your choice. Then go to the internet and type in the bar www.webkinz.com

2) Next when you see the title page go to start a membership. Then all you have to do is follow Mrs. Birdy's instructions. Getting started with your webkinz Now that you have put your webkinz in you must make your webkinz a room. The first thing you go to the W- store. Then go to the room themes. There are many room themes! From boy kinds of room themes or girl kinds of room themes. The only really important thing that matters is the bed. If not you will have a sick pet and have to see Dr. Quack. The rest of the time Now go have fun! Go do job, put your webkinz in school, make a map of kinzville, go to the aracde, and have the fun of a life. Bibliographz en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Webkinz_stuffed_animals Webkinz Crazy!!! Signaturez The signature Webkinz is a very different type of Webkinz. Signature webkinz is an animal that is going endangered in the world or they can be fun animals like the Red Wolf, Polar Bear, German Shepard, Calico Cat, and More!
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