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Strengths and weaknesses of Cleopatra

No description

Zataya Fagan

on 4 February 2015

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Transcript of Strengths and weaknesses of Cleopatra

Cleopatra was the center of everyone's attention she was a Rich,Powerful,
Queen surrounded by luxury and many Riches
Cleopatra was considered to be one of the most elegant and canny female rulers
When Cleopatra became a Pharaoh the Roman Empire was declared guardian of the Ptolemaic Dynasty
Cleopatra's brother ( PtolemyXIII) took over their dynasty she got an army and went into battle but came out with no success
Cleopatra had many relationships with different men but they were not successful
WWW.Answers .com
Born: 69 BC, Alexandria, Egypt
Died: August 12, 31 BC, Alexandria, Egypt
Spouse: Mark Antony (m. 32 AD–30 AD), More
Children: Caesarion, Cleopatra Selene II, Ptolemy Philadelphus, Alexander Helios
Siblings: Ptolemy XIII Theos Philopator, Arsinoe IV of Egypt, Ptolemy XIV of Egypt, Berenice IV of Egypt, Cleopatra VI of Egypt
Parents: Ptolemy XII Auletes, Cleopatra V of Egypt
By: Ariana Harris & Zataya Fagan
Cleopatra used seduction to win over many men that later led to her relationship with Julius Caesar they then killed her brother
Cleopatra had many strengths and many weaknesses. She was a very intelligent pharaoh that everyone looked up to. She was the center of everyone's attention with beauty and brains. When Cleopatra was declared guardian of Ptolemaic Dynasty.

-Cleopatra was declared the roman Emperor when she killed her brother with the love of her life Julius Ceasar.

- In order to share dual custody of the kingdom, she had to marry her brother Ptolemy XII.

-. She then got an army to try to defeat her brother she then lost the battle and was and was devastated about that.

- Cleopatra then met many men in her life and dated a lot of them but hadn't met the right one

-After going thru many men she finally found the right one. She met the great Julius Caesar. Julius helped Cleopatra in many different ways including getting a hold of the kingdom and getting lots of money$$.

Julius and Cleopatra killed her brother and the dynasty got handed down to her. When Cleopatra got the kingdom she made a lot of benefits.

Life and Culture

-Julius and Cleopatra killed her brother and the dynasty got handed down to her. When Cleopatra got the kingdom she made a lot of benefits.

- She used many relationships with powerful leaders to benefit Egypt in many ways.

-She ruled Egypt for 3 decades

- Romans didn't trust her because they thought she was a "Bad influence" but everyone else didn't think so.
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