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Beach United Indoor Tournament

No description

Morgan Hodges

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Beach United Indoor Tournament

Morgan Hodges Senior Project:
Beach United Indoor Tournament First Colonial LSA Beach United indoor tournament 40 teams
3 age groups U14 U16 U19 Planned,
Organized and Ran
the tournament Contact coaches, refs
trainers, volenteers and
concessions staff The purpose was to
raise money to start a
new league for young
girls to play Set up gym, courts
audiosystems Steps involved Contact teams contact refs, trainers
and volenteers location create medical release
forms barrow indoor boards and
goals create team pools and
schedules create t-shirts fill the snack stand set up the gym and courts obstacles change of tournament
and location at the last
minute location DO NOT use gym floor
tape on Norfolk Public
School Gyms.... teams with out enough players Project paper connection Title IX Funding of girls ahletics vs. male
athletics 1st hand experiance Personal growth Responsibility Punctionality Dependability Maturity Confidence Recieved item to raffle off order medals
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