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Come To Appalachion Mountains


maggie harris

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Come To Appalachion Mountains

years,erosion has carved away the The Appalachian Mountains are the oldest Come to the Appalachian Mountains mountain chain in North America. About 470 million years ago the continents the continents began to move toward each other. Eventually,about 270 millions years ago, continents which would become North America and Africa collided. Huge masses of rock were pushed westward along the margin of North America and piled up to form the mountains that we know as the Appalachians. were much higher. Rocky Mountains. For the last 100 million mountains,leaving only there cores standing. areas. Mount Mitchell(in neighboring mountain range as well as the hills There awesome! The Appalachians come to see em there very very beautiful This mountain range derives its name from the Apalachees. An indian tribe-and the term Appalachian refers to the entire and the plateaus in the surrounding with Yancey County), with a height of 6,684 ft,is the tallest mountain in the Appalachian range and the highest mountain east of the Mississippi River. Southerners can identify those who are from other parts of the U.S. by the way the word Appalachian is pronounced.In the South, the "lach" portion of the name is pronounced with a short"a" and elsewhere with a long "a". The Appalachian Trail (referred to as "The AT") is an approximately 2175 -mile long (or 2 million steps) National Scenic Trail (the first one to be designated as such in 1968). It has the distinction of being the nation's longest marked footpath. The Trail is maintained by volunteer hiking ridgeline of the Appalachian Mountains. Along the way, it crosses 14 states, 8 national forests, and 6 national parks, following the The ends are Springer Mountain, Amicalola Falls State Park, Georgia in the south and Katahdin, Baxter State Park, Maine in the north. Appalachian Mountains are a huge range and can be broadly divided into three sections. Back in the day the Appalachians were more like the present day clubs. These include the Southern section that start from New river and continues till the end. The central section extend from the Hudsen Value and extends up to the New River, and the northern section stretches from Newfoundland and Labrador province in Canada up to the Hudson River. The climate in the mountain range varies throughout the year. However, the weather remains cool and wet most of the time and this is the reason why these mountains attract travelers from across the globe. Although temperate forest are common here, secondary habitats of boreal forest and mixed deciduous forests can also be found in these mountain ranges. The Appalachians were once an extension of the Caledonian Mountain chain,a mountain chain that is today in Scotland and Scandinavia. The mountain range is 1,500 miles long. Highest peak in the Mississippi area is Mitchell. The Mount Famous ranges of the Appalachians include the Great Smoky Mountains , Blue Ridge,Black Mountains, White Mountains,Green Mountains, Allegheny Plateaus, Cumberland Plateau ,etc. Towards the West and South of the Hudson River Valley is a chain of lowland which is referred to as the Great Appalachian Valley. Appalachian Mountains are a rich source of anthracite coal and Bituminous coal. Some parts of this Mountain range are known to have metallic mineral products such as iron and zinc. Petroleum has also been discovered in Appalachian Mountains that has lead to the foundation of the modern United States petroleum industry. The mountain range is not only rich in mineral deposits but also has a diverse ecology. Although deciduous broad leaved trees are the major flora of the mountain, evergreen needle leaf conifers are also present at different altitudes. I think you'd consider this a natural wonder because it has so many beautiful Mountains,trees,and animals. you should share this wonder with your friend because maybe they would want to hike the Appalachian trail. My name is Maggie Harris . Right now you are going to see Appalachian Mountain facts about the Appalachian Mountains. Resources www.neta.com, www.welcometomadisoncounty.com, www.appalachianmountains.com, www.appalachians.com, and www.ask.com latitude and longitude The longitude is 40.0000 degrees North. The latitude is 78.0000 degrees West.
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