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Advantages and Disadvantages of apple products

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anna hines

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Advantages and Disadvantages of apple products

Advantages and Disadvantages of Apple Products in Early Childhood and Special Education
Special Education Use
*Easy way for students to communicate with teachers
*Way for all learners to learn
Use in Schools
*Are being used to go deeper into learning

*Being Built into Curriculum
Through Ipads students are able to communicate with teachers
*Able to teach in ways any student can understand
*Same as Early Childhood education
*Extra help for students learning through technology
*A fun interactive way for learning
*Students easily can view things created by teachers
*Creative and fun way of learning.

~naeyc. (April 1996). Technology and young children-ages 3 through 8. Washington D.C: naeyc.

~Aronin, S & Floyd, K. K. (2013). Using an iPad in inclusive preschool classrooms to introduce STEM concepts. Teaching Exceptional Children, 45(4), 34-39.

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~(2010). The ipad-Breaking nw ground in special education. District Administration.

~Tomaszewski, J. (2011). Site review: apple.com/education. Education World. Education World.

Mac Computers and Ipads Can be used for:
~Learning through smartboards
~Remedial Learning
~Extra learning through games
~Interactive lessons
~Creating Lesson Plans and unique materials for lessons
~Classroom websites and newsletters
Early Childhood Education Uses
*Students become very dependent on technology
*Start living in an "app" world
*Teachers may struggle to use the products.
Some examples
of the apple technology
Real Life Example

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