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whale evolution


Tim Bruinius

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of whale evolution

evidence for evolution
Whale evolution
Almost all mammals are quadripeds (four footed) and it is generally assumed that mammals originated on land.
Whales are placental mammals and yet are entirely aquatic. Evolutionary theory must provide a decent answer to their origin. Transitional forms should also exist that show the progression from land to water.
much of the work for this was done by Philip Gingrich
This is thought to be the creature that got whales started on their path to whaleness.
one thing to pay attention to is how much of the skeleton was found and how much is surmised. this is pakicetus. the only thing found was the back of the skull.
Next came ambulocetus. First the actual skeleton.
next, rodhocetus with a partial and surmised skeleton and an artist's rendition.
then, basilisaurus with limbs becoming vestigial.
vestigial organs
vestigial organs are organs or limbs that were once used for something but are no longer used for their original purpose but still present.
Italian three toed skink
cormorant (flightless)
finally, dorudon. Pretty whaley but still with those little back feet.
Modern sperm whale
whales are now divided into two types:toothed and baleen.
its skeleton
a gray (baleen) whale
the pelvis of a blue whale
Now you need to decide. is this convincing? why did all these animals exist but don't any more? evolutionists claim this is good evidence for evolution. what do you think?
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