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Claims, Evidence, and Warrants

No description

Jonathan Newman

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Claims, Evidence, and Warrants

Go beyond the surface of your typical argument!

Evidence is what supports your claim.
Claims, Evidence, and Warrants
...your ideas are only worth so much.

Example: The Ferrari 250 GT Lusso is the coolest car of all time. (ARGUABLE)
Non Example: Many car companies tried to copy the Ferrari 250 GT Lusso. (NOT ARGUABLE...FACT)

The claim states your opinion on a debatable subject.

Example: Steve McQueen drove a Ferrari 250GT Lusso. Once he died, it sold for $2.3 million.
How do you connect the claim to the evidence?

A warrant connects the claim to the evidence; it is an explanation that makes even the most obvious connections clear.
Example: Steve McQueen, the coolest Hollywood celebrity of his time, was an expert on all things cool and all things car-related. Not only did he own the Lusso GT 250, he said it was the coolest car of all-time. Years later, Brad Pitt, another expert of all things cool, bought the car for $2.3 million.
Another example...a simple, obvious one.
You walk outside and your buddy claims...
It rained last night.
You ask, "How do you know?" She provides some evidence...
Look up and down the street, the cars, road, and trees are all wet.
You don't see the connection. "Couldn't have just been sprinklers?"
If it was just sprinklers, then the only the cars would be wet. If it was a fire hydrant, then only the street would be wet. There really is no other explanation for having everything be wet up and down the whole street.
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