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Courtney George [Graphic Design] Resumé

(a visual) Curriculum Vitae

Courtney George

on 15 June 2013

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Transcript of Courtney George [Graphic Design] Resumé

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graphic designer with a passion for

design solutions,
sustainable practices
Primarily a
print focused
graphic designer, I have
expertise in brand development, design
marketing strategy,

presentation graphics, and a
solid understanding
web-based media.
Created award-winning marketing collateral for high-profile, national clients.

Art directed projects from conceptualization through printing and completion.

Established and managed project parameters, timelines and budgets. Specified paper and printing options that most effectively supported design objectives for each project.

Coordination of paper samples and mock-ups for
the fine paper department.

Developed and designed high impact campaigns and marketing collateral for national and international brands.

Successfully managed a consistently high volume of projects for multiple clients.

Coordinated with account managers and production department on project briefs, budgets and scheduling to ensure quality traffic control.

Collaborated on new business development strategies and campaigns that were highly effective in gaining new clients and building the client base.

Presented strategies, concepts and story boards to executive decision makers of large accounts.

Directed the interview and hiring process for freelance contractors and staff creatives.

Collaborated with architectural and engineering teams on the development, design and production of complex proposals, interview materials, and PowerPoint presentations, for large architectural projects.

Initiated and established an IT/Color Management team to oversee color management standards, strategies, and best practices firm-wide in order to control and maintain brand standards and print quality of all company materials and maximize employee efficiency.

Coordinated, implemented and maintained calibration standards and color profiles across a broad network of in-house devices, including wide-format ink jet and laser printers, scanners, copiers, computers and monitors (Mac and PC platforms).

Trained architectural and marketing staff on Adobe CS software, including InDesign and Photoshop.

Spearheaded brand development and marketing strategy for a thriving, monthly networking event aimed at uniting business owners, students, and others who work and/or volunteer their time in sustainable industries and organizations.

Established a strategic partnership and orchestrated numerous, well-attended events, with a highly regarded, national, sustainable media publication.

Developed website and extended online presence for the group through several social media channels, to inform and engage members outside of monthly events and continually increase attendance.

Re-branded a national lighting efficiency company and implemented new brand standards into their marketing and trade show materials, which increased access to a broader audience, improved marketability and contributed directly to their bottom line.

Collaborated with a national, sustainably focused, entrepreneurial incubator to develop a seasonal map guide – which highlights and promotes local, sustainable businesses, organizations and events – aimed at creating a stronger sustainable community and a more robust local economy.

Provided on-going design, consulting and brand management for a national institution of higher learning.

Created and developed a point-based, analytic tool (Brand A.Q.™) to discover and analyze disparities between sales and marketing efforts and uncover inefficiencies that lead to revenue loss within established companies and defined a three-phase strategy to better integrate sales and marketing efforts in order to increase cost savings, more effectively access target markets, and increase revenue.

Clients include:

Three Dots Sustainable Consulting

GreenSpaces Colorado/NY

Blueprint Admissions

Westwood and Redstone Colleges

Easylite ILS

Studio Pattern

Nancy Woelfel: Art Worker


The Design Mine


Dioni Frame

Clients included:

EAS Nutritional Supplements

Molson Canada


Coleman Natural Foods

The Sports Authority

Clients included:
Nestlé (Chef America)

IHS Energy Group

Modern Electric

CORAM Healthcare

College for Financial Planning (CFFP)

American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM)

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

AT&T Digital Media Centers


Atlas Air Inc.

I’m looking to put my skills to work for a company, or with a team that values:
Compelling and consistent visual communications for their brand and for their clients

Meeting (or exceeding) goals and deadlines, while adhering to budget parameters

Effective communication between co-workers and departments

Work/life balance
What I bring to the table in addition to my design and communication talents:
[ Timeline ]
[ Work History ]
[ Technical ]
[ Professional Experience ]
A ginormous ego
A bad attitude
“That’s not my job” or “I can’t”
An answer
A problem
A sense
of humor
I am…
Able to work independently
and also play
nice with others
What I don’t bring to the table:
Thank you
for taking the time to view my
For links to my
online portfolio, writing samples
contact information
, please continue to the final slide...
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