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Slender Man


david golith

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Slender Man

Slender Man Ever sence the start of time he has bin with us.

A no faced demon sent to terrorize the world and strike fear in the hearts of mortals. About Slender Man Slender Man is a "myth" or "urban legand" that has many believers. such as I. the legend says that a no faced demon would kidnap children and adults alike never to be seen again. Slendermen are very tall about 8-10 ft

they were black suits with a red or black tie
if you look at there face for more than 5 seconds you will get Phobophobia the fear of being afraid or manaphonia the fear of everything. people say its because of a nirotoxin there have bin over 300 cases in 2005 and over 500 picture reported cases

the police have bin over run with missing person cases that tie in with the slenderman slender man is so famous he has bin in multiple cartoons and movies but not exactly him. just really similar they have made a hole movie about him, about 4 games and 3 documentary's. one of the most scary stuff iv seen just look at how scared he is while playing the game list of things that tell you a slenderman is coming for YOU

1. flu like symptoms
2. Honorable dreams about him
3. voices in your head
4. maniphobia
5. phobophobia here is some fan art the slender man or "men " have bin spotted every were

from Asia to America to Egypt and many photos have bin taken
oh him here some of them california
1959 Ohio
1980 Germany
1870 california
1964 Georgina
2008 on a Facebook wall slender man has many followers .....

and i know this might sound weird but.....

he has a YouTube account ....with really creepy videos

here is one of them ..... slender man has bin around for thousands of years midevil art work and ancient egyptian hieroglyphs can help prove that i wish i could tell you more about him but there is just not much we know about him or it good bye now

and what ever you do...

dont look out your window
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