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The Great Fire by Jim Murphy

Victoria Insetta, Rose Minas, Mike Braverman, Ann Benny, and Kelsey Nobile

Kerilyn O'Brien

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of The Great Fire by Jim Murphy

The Great Chicago Fire
of 1871
The book
The Great Fire
by Jim Murphy is a nonfiction account of one of the most devastating disasters in American history.
This book is an example of narrative nonfiction. That means the writer is telling a story that is true.
We will read this book in class using a strategy called 'close reading.' This means we will read the text once for enjoyment and then we will read certain passages a second time more closely. This will help our understanding of key events and details.
You will once again be grouped in book clubs where you will complete learning activities.
The Unit
You will also choose your own disaster to read and learn about.
You will create a multi genre product to share your new understanding with the class.
Standard: (What you will know and do by the end of the unit.)

Use information presented in different formats as well as in words to develop an understanding of a topic.

Learning Targets: (Specific goals for different days that will help us meet the big standard.)

Let's take a look at this unit's road map.
Journal entries
Exit slips
Formative assessments
3 summative quizzes
1 multi genre project
Background Knowledge
Vocabulary will be introduced before each of the three sections using a game called 'Balderdash.'
Then, we will complete something called a 'Marzano Mat' to help us better understand the meaning of the words.
If you use class time wisely, this vocabulary work does not need to be for homework.
The Learning Institute 2012

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Original Prezi by Victoria Insetta, Rose Minas, Mike Braverman, Ann Benny, and Kelsey Nobile
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