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Mythical Kingdom of Khazaria

No description

Alice Chudnovsky

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Mythical Kingdom of Khazaria

The Ancient Kingdom of Khazaria Did you know that... If not for the Khazar Kingdom, most of our modern world would have been Muslim, not Christian... Agenda... I would like to look into three specific questions today... 1. Who are the Khazars? 2. How did they affect the world back then? 3. What is the Khazarian legacy? So, who were the Khazars? The Khazars were a group of nomadic Turkish people that inhabited the Middle East, and served as a dominant mediator between the Christian Byzantium Empire to the West and the Islamic Baghdad Caliphate to the East... So, what did the Khazars look like? This question, like many others about the Khazars has some controversial answers. There were (and still are to some extent) different opinions as to what the Khazars looked like. 1. One of the opinions was that the Khazars were blonde and blue-eyed, just like Adolf Hitler's description of the Aryan race. It is supposed, then, that the blonde/blue-eyed Jews originated from Khazaria. 2. Another (most commonly believed) version as to the appearance of the Khazars was the opinion that they were redheads and with freckles, which is an appropriate theory for the geo-climatical conditions of Khazaria. We still do not know what the Khazars looked like... However, we know that there was definitely a distinguished difference (as referenced by historical reports) between the White (light-skinned) Khazars or the Black (dark-skinned) Khazars Nevertheless, this difference in appearance is established to be social, not racial. The Kara (Black) Kazars constituted the lower strata/caste while the Ak (White) Khazars were of the noble/royal classes This type of class-appearance distinction was quite common in Eastern Europe It is also thought that the Ashkenazi Jewish "sect" has originated from the Kara Khazars, as the difference of those Jews from others is significant. Shortly after the death of Mohammed in 632, Arab armies began moving north sweeping through the wreckage of the Roman empire till they reached the Caucasus mountain barrier. It was there, that the Arabs came to an encounter with the Khazars, initiating war that lasted over a century. The Khazars were very powerful, both socially and militarily. This was to such an extent, that Constantine Porphyrogenitus sent a correpondence to the Khazars marked with a gold seal worth 3 solidi. Solidi were gold coins of ancient Rome, introduced by Constantine and continued as a currency in the Byzantine Empire. The Power of the Khazars... Khazar forces had soldiers of mainly Turkish and pagan origin Most disciplined, and most tactically and strategically potent martial power at that time Supremely circumspect in their approach to international matters, because Khazar officials, no matter though militarily brutal, were often consulted as diplomatic emissaries and mediators by all political powers surrounding Khazaria. Khazars were both highly respected and greatly feared... At the peak of their empire ... How and why did the Khazars convert to Judaism? Khazar Legacy... The Khazars contributed lots of important factors to our modern world. The world as we know it, may not have existed if not for the Khazars, for all we know, a mosque could have stood where Notre Dame stands right now... Khazars were a mysterious group of ancient powerful people that converted to Judaism and controlled all of the Middle East in their time... Summary, for Zhuoli who fell asleep... Thank you, would-be-Muslims... Any questions? If not for the Khazars, our modern world would be predominantly Muslim, and not Christian...
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