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Kaylin Green mauna kea

No description

Valley Mustangs

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Kaylin Green mauna kea

Mauna Kea Mauna kea is a sheild volcano (dormant volcano) when it erupted was 4500 years ago this is a hotspot volcano how did it afectt people? well what happened was they lost all of their possessions and the residents lost the use of a small sheltered bay. how did it affect the enviroment? it severely impacted the local community, filling fish ponds. what should people do to prepare for another event in mauna kea? its a dormant volcano, but the sceintist and others say it could erupt again I couldnt find what to do but i would say get of the island "just dont panic". you can see which ones bigger this mauna kea this is mauna loa
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