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Tasha Farsaci

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Yoga

YOGA By: Tasha, Alec, and Tessa! History of Yoga; No one knows when yoga
really began. Some drawings
of yoga positions have
been found carved into stones
in The Ancient Indus River Valley. Yoga is a method of
discipline that is used in order
to obtain a goal.
Yoga has been
used to help with
issues in health, reduce
stress and as an
exercise program. Benefits of yoga for
stress management; Doing yoga will
lower your heart rate
and blood pressure Doing yoga will improve
your sleep. You will experience
a deeper sleep if you practice yoga. Yoga will give
you a sense
of well-being. Practicing yoga
will increase your
strength and flexibility. Many medical conditions can be treated
by regularly practicing yoga. Steps for Yoga; Step 2
Create a calm atmosphere Step 1
Get a mat you
can use for yoga. Step 3
Choose a time in which
you will not be disturbed Step 4
Clear your mind
and calm your breathing Step 5
Be patient and stick
with it Step 6
Add variety to
your routine DemonstrationVideo Bibliography;
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