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Star Trek: The Fantastic Sci-Fi

Are you prepared "To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before"? Experience Star Trek in a new way with this fantastic presentation of the popular American franchise. Warp into this documentary to find out more about the Fantastic Sci-Fi.

Noah Hamilton

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of Star Trek: The Fantastic Sci-Fi

The Movies
Fun Facts
- The "Live Long and Prosper" hand gesture is actually a jewish sign.

- "To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before" was a line from a White House Pamphlet on space.

- The number 47 is used a lot in Star Trek. Don't ask, I don't know why.

- The actor who played Scotty, the Scottish engineer in TOS is actually Canadian.

- No one in Star Trek ever stated the words "Beam me up, Scotty".
The Captains
No Star Trek would be the same without the Captains. The Captain of a starship gets to make all the big decisions, plan attacks with other captains and much more. There have been 6 main Captains in Star Trek:

Captain James T. Kirk (Prime Reality) of the Enterprise (NCC), Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Enterprise E, Captain Benjamin Sisko of the Deep Space 9, Captain Kathryn Janeway of the Voyager, and Captain Jonathon Archer of the Enterprise (NX), and most recently Captain James T. Kirk (Alternate Reality) of the Enterprise (NCC).

"The Captains" (2011) was also a documentary by William Shatner where he interviewed everyone who had been a captain in
Star Trek.

Another very important character in Star Trek is...

5 different series, ranging from 3-7 seasons each, 12 Movies ( soon 13!), Video Games, the Alternate Reality and countless merchandise spread across the world: this is Star Trek. Let's find out why 500 million people around the world love the American Sci-Fi, in my project...
The Alternate Reality
In 2009, J.J. Abrams, Director of Fringe and Star Wars VII put a new spin on the Star Trek franchise that changed EVERYTHING about Star Trek forever. In fact, the uproar he caused still hasn't calmed down. The idea was to create a remake of TOS, but J.J. Abrams came up with a new idea: time-traveling aliens come from the future and screw everything up. Bottom line? The original story got messed up so much, Star Trek (2009) became The Alternate Reality. Star Trek has never been the same since.

There have been more parallel universes in the TV series, but none greater than...
The TV series
Gene Roddenberry created
the idea for the original
Star Trek series (TOS) in
1964, and it was later
released in 1966, finishing
in 1969. 21 years later,
another series, The Next
Generation (TNG) came out,
in a new time period with
completely different
characters. 3 more series
came out, which were Voyager (VOY), Deep Space 9 (DS9) and the last one, Enterprise (ENT), which ended in 2005. There is some talk about remaking TOS, but J. J. Abrams, the new Star Trek director hasn't confirmed it. Also some of the first movies came out right after TOS, which brings us to the next big thing in the whole Star Trek franchise...

The Fantastic Sci-Fi
10 years after the end of TOS, Star Trek: The Motion Picture hit the big screens in theaters. From 1979-2002, 9 more movies have come out. However, out of the 5 different series, only 2 have been made movies: TOS and TNG. There's no real reason why the other series don't have movies, but some people thinks it's because the other 3 weren't as popular. In any case, the movies definitely changed the Star Trek universe, but not as much as the next topic...
"The Next Generation"
No, not the series. Believe it or not, I'm talking about Racism. Star Trek was the first TV series to feature a main character who was black. Actress Nichelle Nichols began her career as Nyota Uhura in the episode "The Man Trap" as Communications Officer of the Enterprise. Whoopi Goldberg, an Afro-American who later played Guinan in Star Trek TNG, says
Nichelle Nichols is her role model. Whoopi
recalls telling her family: "I just saw a black
woman on TV, and she ain't no maid!" Nichelle
and Whoopi's stories go to show that Star Trek
is against racism, which personally I think is
really cool!

Now to introduce you to...
Photo Album TNG
Conclusion and Sources
Thanks for listening to my Star Trek project.
I hope you learned something new and I hope you enjoyed it.

And... My Dad.
Photo Album TOS
Photo Album DS9
Photo Album VOY
Photo Album ENT
Photo Album Alternate Reality
Trailer for The Captains
The Mirror Universe
Aside from The Alternate Reality, The Mirror Universe was unlike anything in Star Trek. Although it was only in the TV series, The Mirror Universe is one of the best known Star Trek references. In The Mirror Universe, everything is the opposite of what it's supposed to be. Starfleet, headquarters of The Federation, Doesn't exist. Instead there's a Terran Empire, where humans hate Vulcans, who are a species in Star Trek. And now to introduce you to some of the most important characters in Star Trek...
The Aliens
There have been lots of aliens in Star Trek; here are just a few:
Vulcans are arguably the most well known species in Star Trek: they have pointy ears, and their culture believes in hiding all emotion whatsoever.
Romulans are ruthless fighters, and relatives of Vulcans. They are known best for creating the Alternate Reality when they traveled back in time and destroyed Vulcan.
Klingons were mortal enemies to the Federation, however they allied with the Federation and some even served on
Federation ships.
More Aliens
The Borg
The Borg may very well have been the Federation's most dangerous threat. The way that The Borg work is they have implants in their bodies that come out through nanotubes. They inject the nanites (microscopic machines connected to the Borg consciousness) into your neck and slowly, you become a Borg and you are assimilated into the Borg Collective. The Borg Queen (above left) is the leader of the Borg. The Borg were fortunately defeated by Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Data when they destroyed the Borg Queen in the movie First Contact. However, Picard had
been assimilated 6 years earlier
and wanted revenge. The
Director of the movie says
it was loosely based on
Moby Dick.
The Video Games
There have been many Star Trek
video games, but few better
than Star Trek Online (STO). In
the MMO RPG (massively multipl-
ayer online role-playing game)
you are captain of your own
starship. You can choose to be
Human, Klingon, or Romulan. You
name your ship and give it
things such as weapons, new
crew members, and a paint job
(there are some hot pink ships
with unicorn stickers flying
through the galaxy, it seems).
"So don't let anyone ever dare tell you that nothing happened in Star Trek Online this past year. If someone does, it's a pretty good bet he hasn't played the game at all. Until next week, and next year, live long and prosper!" (review from http://massively.joystiq.com/)

Star Trek Quiz!
1. Power Is everything to you

2. Forcing people down to get power is what you want

3. You would rather solve things with talk

4. Torture keeps you in power

5. You Chase people down to get what you want

6. You enjoy conquering

7. Using people is normal for you

8. You want power but don't have it

9. Love solves everything.-

10. You sneak behind peoples back

11. You like mind games

12. You are confrontational

13. You enjoy the pursuit of knowledge

14. You are always far away from people

15. You prefer numbers, not force

16. Giving is Receiving

17. You enjoy order

18. You stand up for people

19. You steal

20. You enjo
y solitude
Quiz Results
A= Not at All
B= Rarely
C= Sort Of
D= Usually
E= All the time!
1: A= Vulcan B= Federation C= Romulan D= Borg E= Klingon
2: A= Vulcan B= Federation C= Klingon D= Romulan E= Borg
3: A= Borg B= Klingon C= Romulan
D= Federation E= Vulcan
4: A= Vulcan B= Federation C= Borg
D= Romulan E= Klingon
5: A= Vulcan B= Borg C= Federation
D= Klingon E= Romulan
6: A= Vulcan B= Romulan C= Federation D= Borg E= Klingon
7: A= Vulcan B= Federation C= Klingon D= Romulan E= Borg
8: A= Vulcan B= Klingon C= Federation D= Borg E= Romulan
9: A= Klingon B= Romulan C= Borg
D= Vulcan E= Federation
10: A= Borg B= Vulcan C= Federation
D= Klingon E= Romulan
11: A= Klingon B= Federation C= Borg D= Romulan E= Vulcan
12: A= Vulcan B= Federation C= Borg D= Romulan E= Klingon
13: A= Klingon B= Federation C= Borg D= Romulan E= Vulcan
14: A= Federation B= Borg C= Klingon D= Romulan E= Vulcan
15: A= Klingon B= Borg C= Romulan D= Federation E= Vulcan
16: A= Klingon B= Borg C= Romulan D= Federation E=
17: A= Klingon B= Borg C= Romulan D= Vulcan
E= Federation
18: A= Klingon B= Romulan C= Borg D= Vulcan E= Federation
19: A= Vulcan B= Federation C= Klingon D= Borg E= Romulan
20: A= Klingon B= Borg C= Federation D= Romulan E= Vulcan
Zefram Cochrane
There would be no Star Trek
without Zefram Cochrane. In
the timeline he invented
warp drive and was also the
first human to travel fast-
er than light. He also made
first contact with an alien
species in the movie First
Contact (1996). He ALSO remains the only character in Star Trek to say the two words "Star" and "Trek" together as Star Trek.
The actor who plays Cochrane is James Cromwell.
Famous Cochrane Quote
Star Trek: The Fantasic Sci-Fi
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