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Why you should join the Coureurs de Bois

This was a grade 7 history project involving New France. :)

Katy Purple

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Why you should join the Coureurs de Bois

The Impact that the Coureurs de Bois made Are you adventurous? Do you love the outdoors? How about meeting new people? If you answered yes to any of these questions joining the Coureur de Bois is for you!
By becoming a Coureurs de Bois you will be a part of a tremendous impact on the development of New France. You would be one of the main contributors to the economy in the New World, especially in the areas of fur trading and commerce. You would always have the thrill, excitement, adventure, challenge and never a dull moment if you joined the Coureur de Bois.

The Relationships that Coureurs de Bois had Do you want to choose when you go to work? How about being an independent entrepreneur? What if you could explore the outdoors without the limitations of bosses? Why would you want to work in a boring school house when you can travel the world and make lots of money and trade items? Imagine telling your grand children that you impacted the world in positive way so it is the way it is today. Dream of the proud, encouraging words that your families would say to you every night when you came home. Life would be great, wouldn't it? So why haven't you joined the Coureur de Bois yet? The Education of Coureurs de Bois The education of the Coureurs de Bois was very good because they were taught by the Jesuits and Nuns. The Coureur de Bois were taught about school work and the Roman Catholic Church. By joining the Coureurs de Bois you would have a better education and know many things that others would not. The Everyday Life of the Coureurs de Bois Why you should join the
Coureurs de Bois By:Katie Ivancic (Grade.7) The Coureurs de Bois never had any
enemies. You wanted to create the best
relationships possible because you wanted
to increase the fur trade and make France
very rich in furs and money. The more people that the Coureurs de Bois met and made positive relationships with the less likely they would end up getting hurt physically. If you had relationships with others it made it easier to trade. Also, you would make lots of friends and have a very good lifestyle if you joined the Coureurs de Bois. The benefits of being apart of the Coureurs de Bois is that your independent. You choose how many hours you work. You make New France a better place to live in, trade in, and work in. You make New France a better place to live for everyone. You would make everyone proud by being so strong and smart. You always would work hard no matter what. Everyone would look up to your strength and bravery. You would be a hero! So why wouldn't you want to make everyone proud and join the Coureurs de Bois? Could you handle being a
Coureur de Bois? The Benifits of Being a Coureur de Bois.
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