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James Madison

Father to the Constitution

Paul Bovenzi

on 7 March 2010

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Transcript of James Madison

James Madison By Christine Barney and Brandon Cruz James Madison was born on March 16,
1751 on the Montpellier estate in Port Conway,
Virginia, to a farmer (Jame's namesake) and "Nelly"
Rose Conway. Later he would be described as short and very sirious. From 1769 to 1772 he attended the Collage of New Jersey, which is now Princeton. Five years after graduating, Madison was elected
Delegate to the General Assembly. At only 26, he
already was colonel of a militia and on a safety committee. F F James Madison married Dolly Payne Todd, a widow with a single son, on September 16 1794. In 1787 James Madison went to the Philadelphia Convention and released a draft including the revolutionary idea for 3 branches of goverment, including checks and balances between them. This is our govermental skeleton even today. Later, he would propose 10 amendments to the consitution, which became known as the Bill of Rights. These amendments protected the citizen's most basic freedoms like free speech. In 1785, When he was 34, Madison got a law passed for freedom of religion in Virginia. Two years later, at the Federal Convention of 1787, he said: 'Whatever may be the judgment pronounced on the competency of the architects of the Constitution, or whatever may be the destiny of the edifice prepared by them, I feel it a duty to express my profound and solemn conviction, driven from my intimate opportunity of observing and appreciating the views of the Convention, collectively and individually, that there never was an assembly of men charged with a great and arduous trust, who were more pure in their motives, or more exclusively or anxiously devoted to the object committed to them, than were the members of the Federal Convention of 1787.' (James Madison) James Madison died on June 28th,
1836 at Montpellier. He had no children
but he'll be forever remembered as
the "Father of the Constitution". In 1809 James Madison was
elected president of the United
States. While in office, Spain and England faught exsessively and, during his second turn in Office, the war of 1812 broke out, during which the star spangled banner was written. During the War, James Madison bravely rode out to check the defense lines and became the only president to be shot at during wartime. unfortunately, the one and only original white house was burned around this time, though he wasn't hurt. Madison was also the first president to wear pants instead of britches. After retiring, Madison wrote a new Virginian constition, became dean of the University of New Jersey (now Princeton), and wrote only complete record of the deliberations of the Consitutional Congress. He also was a part of the, which was anti-slavery.
Ironically, Madison and many others has been opposed to a Bill of Rights; they thought it would be taken as a statement of the only rights you had. The Constitutioon maps out the goverment's power and leaves all other rights to the people. A "Bill of Rights" was thought of as a limiting of rights. However, anti-federalists demanded a Bill of Rights if their support was to be won over. When called a founding father, Madison humbly said it was a "Credit to which I have no claim." (But we all know he was just saying that) Soon, Madison would be head and chief of many things done in goverment and an icon to all Federalist. He didn't want America to be anything like England, and was horrified to find both George Washington and Alexander Hamilton doing so. He even tried to make an opposing politcal party and fight the making of a national bank amung other things, but much of it was, unfortunately, in vein. However, Hamilton's flashy behavoir got him killed thirty years before Madison and also cost him presidency. These are some of Madison's notes on the Constitutional Convention.
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