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Chicken Wing Dissection

No description

Sawyer Whelan

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Chicken Wing Dissection

Chicken Wing Dissection
Sawyer Whelan, Kenna Veith, and Kasey Long
Dissection Materials
chicken wing
upper arm
upper arm
Homologous structures: parts or organs corresponding in structure but not necessarily in function
The function of the skin is to protect everything inside. The skin is attached to the fat tissue underneath.
Removing the skin
The function of subcutaneous fat is to serve as a shock absorber and insulate the deeper tissues.
The difference between flexors and extensors is that flexors work to bend the joint and extensors work to extend, or straighten, the joint.
biceps brachi muscle
triceps brachi muscle
A prime mover is a muscle that has the major responsibility for producing a specific movement, while the antagonist is a muscle that opposes or reverses a particular movement. The biceps brachi is the prime mover and the triceps brachi is the antagonist.
flexed extended
A tendon connects muscle to bone. It is made up of a tough band of fibrous connective tissue. Tendons can be blended with the epimysia and act to anchor muscles.
blood vessel
Ligaments connect bone to bone. They are composed mostly of long, stringy collagen fibers that create bands of tough, fibrous connective tissue. They connect bone to bone at joints.
The purpose of cartilage is to hold some bones together and to prevent bones from rubbing on each other.
elbow joint
This is a pivot joint (synovial).
Cleaning Up
1. The origin is more proximal.
2. The function of muscle tissue is to expand and contract to produce motion in the wing.
3. Muscle tissue is referred to when on speaks of the "meat" of the chicken.
4. The two main types of movement that occur are extension and flexion.
5. The bone in the wing that is connected to the chicken's body at the shoulder is the humerus.
6. The two bones found in the lower arm of the wing are the radius and the ulna.
7. A ball and socket joint connects the wing to the body.
8. A hinge joint moves the wing at the elbow.
9. It is classified as skeletal muscle.
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