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1980 Farm crisis - Logan Chipp

No description

chipp dip

on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of 1980 Farm crisis - Logan Chipp

What were the main causes of the 1980s Farm Crisis?
Farmers dealt with advances in technology like new machinery, seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, resulting in greater efficiency and greater productivity. The biggest problem was what to do with huge surpluses of grain.
Who were the stakeholders of the 1980s Farm Crisis? Who suffered most from the crisis? Did anyone benefit?
The Soviet Union negotiated a contract for wheat and feed grains. Within a span of two years, wheat prices doubled, corn prices tripled. Farmers responded with increased production
In what ways did international events impact the crisis?

World war II caused the new technology to come up.
Russia bought the over produced products such as corn and wheat.

Do you think the agriculture industry is currently in a "boom" or "bust" period? What evidence can you find to support your opinion?
Right now it is kind of at a boom and bust. It is at a boom because there are multiple farmer that are planting and farming 1000's of acres each year so they are feeding 1,000,000's of people each day. Its at bust because of the declining prices of the crops.
Are some of the factors involved in the 1980s Farm Crisis at play today?
Yes because that started how we sell our grain products to other countries.
1980 Farm crisis - Logan Chipp
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