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A slaves daily life in Ancient Egypt

No description

Ayanna M

on 19 November 2014

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Transcript of A slaves daily life in Ancient Egypt

Every morning a slave would get up and start on work. They were employed on large projects such as building the pharaohs temples, pyramids, and palaces. Each slave that was owned by an individual could be traded, so they had to worry about making sure not to leave the people they care about and have been with, while with the individual. A slave was in the largest part of society along with farmers. A slaves life was not all bad. They could own land and buy goods, even buy their freedom. Which was a very rare occasion.
A slaves daily life in Ancient Egypt
In Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, one could become a slave by falling into debt. Yet, in Ancient Egypt peasants were slaves, and a slave could buy their freedom. Which was a very long process and what some people would say as almost impossible. In Mesopotamia peasants were called wardums, and a slave could be granted their freedom. Mesopotamian slaves could also volunteer a family member to take over their position as a slave until no more debt remained. Also each slave had a term, which meant a specific amount of time they would serve. But in Ancient Egypt a person could not do this, and they were usually slaves for life. There are some good things about being a slave in Ancient Egypt and bad things sbout being a slave in Mesopotamia. Ancient Egyptian slaves were allowed to own land and buy goods. Even buy their freedom. But Mesopotamian slaves could not do any of these things until they were no longer a slave.
Similarties and Differences between Acient Egypt and Mesopotamia.
Imagine being a rich person now a day. Buying whatever you want, when ever you want. Thats what some wealthy men did in Ancient Egypt. They didnt focus on the cost, just that they wanted/needed it. Another thing that accured was that the Government started having debt from spending their money. They raised the prices of items and increased the amount they charged for taxes. Eventually a wealthy man wouldn't be able to pay for everything. HIs debt would continue to increase, and increase, until eventually it got to a point where the only way to pay them off was to become a slave.
From wealthy, to poor.
Slavery in Ancient Egypt wasn't overall bad. They had lots of free choices, and similarities and differences to another place in history. Although slaves mainly were people captured at war, they were also men and women that have much debt. They become a slave in order to pay it off. Therefore, they were being owned. In conclusion, imagine being a slave in Ancient Egypt. Whether captured at war, or paying off debts.
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