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Rohan Dsouza

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of CA



220,000+ PROVIDERS

410,000+ USERS

23,000+ PRACTICES WHO ARE WE? PATIENT FOOTPRINT 112 million patients have a medical record in eClinicalWorks - 33% of the US Population

1 Million Appointments per day are scheduled in eClinicalWorks POPULATION HEALTH OVER 6.5 million lives are queried, studied, and acted up in the New York City Metro using eClinicalWorks

Point of care alerting is sent to over 2000 primary care and specialty docs in New York

Real time drugs recalls and other alerts are viewed by physicians at the point of care, and not after. PATIENT REACH 1 million appointments per day 110 million ePrescriptions set yearly 112 million patient records in eCW $30 billion in claims were processed using eClinicalWorks in 2012 $250 million in revenue 2012 The largest secure cloud service EHR

Over 10 Data centers across the country 80% of all Medical homes in New York use eClinicalWorks jointhenetwork Simple, secure, and free open network to connect and collaborate with providers, anywhere in the world! Referral Dashboard
provides insight into
utilization and network
leakage share CCD's and clinical attachments with any provider, anywhere, on any system Providers can develop their own address books, while organizations provide community address books that contain in-network specialists to manage referral network "MY WALL" - Your Schedule, Your Action Items, and Your Message Appointments, tasks, and reminders are all in a central location

Central message board for consolidation of messages coming and going between care team members

Automated alerts and reminders for appointments and task due dates MEMBER MANAGEMENT Identify, enroll, and assign patients to a specific Care Program and a Care Team

Manage cross-setting Care Plans

Develop patient-centric Action Plans that can be published to PHR for patient engagement CARE COORDINATION MEDICAL RECORD HEALOW NQF AND HEDIS SCORECARDS BENCHMARKING AND THRESHOLDS Have a conversation with your data, to get visual insights into your patient population with advanced clinical quality measures PROVIDER FINANCIAL SCORECARDS PROVIDER FINANCIAL SCORECARDS CCMR Connector JTN EMPI LV Health and Online Wellness

A secure platform for provider-patient communication

Anywhere, Anytime Largest Open-Secure network for Physician to Physician Connectivity and Communication
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