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can/can't for ablility

lesson on using "can" and "can't" for ability and inability.

Derek Brockett

on 4 August 2009

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Transcript of can/can't for ablility

can/can't for ability and inability
A bird can fly.
A bird can't drive a car.
This dog can run fast.
Dogs can't usually fly. . . .
Pronunciation tips:
CAN = long "N" sound.
CAN'T = short "N" sound. "T" is almost silent.

Can the cat talk?
No it can't.

Can cows eat all day?
Yes, they can.
Can the cat play the guitar?
Can fish swim?
Can the monkeys sing?

"I can speak English, but I can't speak Chinese."
And you? What can you do? What can't you do? Think of some examples to share with the class.
A bird can fly.

A bird can't drive.

This dog can run fast.

Dogs can't usually fly.
(. . .but this dog can!)

Superman has special abilities.
What can Superman do?
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