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Headstart Day 2009



on 12 October 2009

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Transcript of Headstart Day 2009

Size of Australian Population

Size of Australian Economy

Volume of world trade

Number of Multinational Corporations

Globalisation definition and continued expansion

Increasing role for China and India

Multinational Corporations
Inter-governmental Organisations
Non-governmental Organisations Knowledge and Skills

Micro and Macro Analysis You will have more than one career

From One I.R. type of employer to another

From one Country to another

From Profit focused to People focused

From Representing a State to fighting against them

In all using the same Knowledge and Skills

Aquiring Knowldege and Skills is essential
Introduction to International Relations

International Development: Theory and Practice

International Political Economy

Strategic India

Strategic China

Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of International Relations
Bachelor of International Relations (Business) World Class Campus
Best Graduate Outcomes
International Environment
Global Culture
Paris, Dubai, Toronto or Singapore Prerequisite to a Global Career International Relations Globalisation and you How to pick a career Four International Relations Employers Many Careers and Types Bond University International Relations Subjects Bond University International Relations Degrees Study, Bond University and Internships Employers and Graduates Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Australian Defence Force
World Vision
Maquarie Banking Group
European Union

PhD Studies - Germany
Fish Farming - UAE
Lawyer - Canberra
US Army - Afghanistan
Stockbroker - Sydney
Insurance - London
Dr Jonathan Ping
Assistant Professor
International Relations
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