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A Perfect Day for Bananafish By: J. D. Salinger

No description

Jaime Zuckerberg

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of A Perfect Day for Bananafish By: J. D. Salinger

A Perfect Day for Banana fish
By: J. D. Salinger Major: Characters Seymour Glass: Dynamic

Muriel Glass: Static

Sybil Carpenter: Dynamic Minor: Mrs. Carpenter: Static

Muriel's mother: Static Setting Mid-week
Beach side hotel in Florida
3 years after the war
Afternoon Character vs Self- Conflicts Seymour was upset with his mental insanity and was having trouble controlling his inner emotions. The war has done more damage than he ever though possible. Character vs society Coming back from the war with battle scars, Seymour is embarrassed to show his wounds to the public eye. He even becomes angry and self-conscious when a women woman is supposedly looking at his feet. "Are you alright Muriel? Tell me the truth." Foreshadowing Quotes - This shows foreshadowing because it always thought that mother knows best, then Muriel is obviouly is Seymours obvious to insanity. "Seymour may completely lose control" - Foreshadowing is shown in this quote because at the end of this story he curses at a women "looking at his feet" and practically calls that the last straw. Then takes it upon hiself to commit suicide. At the begining of this story, it starts off with a semi-tense converstaion between and daughter. We find out that Muriel's husband came back from the war 3 years late, due to a medical issue (PTSD). A young girl named Sybil is obvilious to Seympur's insanity and they become close friends, down by the beach in 1948, he begins to tell Sybil a story about the mysterious bananafish (It just so happens these fish are a reflection of what some humans become when the emerage from the war and ). Sybil, playing along, claims that she sees a bananafish. he feels accused, and when he catches a women "staring at his scars", he calls it the last straw and commits suicide. Plot Summary Symbols: Symbols Banana fish What does the symbol represent: Seymour describes the banana fish as going into the hole, in the ocean, eating multiply bananas. When the fish are finished they are too large to emerge from the hole. This represents Seymour and his experience in the war. The fish going into the hole reflects Seymour going into the war. You end up being so full of horrible experience and your mental state of mind is never the same. Trees The tress in this story bring Seymour to a vivid flashback while he is driving, it brings him back to the war, being in the wood hiding b=during battle. One theme present in this story is that the experiences you endure change the person you are. This theme is present in this story because Seymour and the banana fish both go through events that changed them in ways never expected. Theme In the beginning of the story mood is shown while Muriel is talking to her mother. We can see Muriel is becoming annoyed with her mother as she continued to ask, "Are you alright Muriel, tell me the truth." This, combined with the continuance of her mother cutting off Muriel's sentences, helps the reader feel Muriel's annoyance. Mood It is evident that the author feels anger towards people who judge without knowing a persons whole story because at one point in the story Seymour says to a women, "...Don't be such a god-damned sneak about it." This then leads to Seymour killing himself, showing that people who judge have the potential to push people over the edge. Tone The author's purpose in the story, "A Perfect Day for Banana fish" is to help inform readers of the consequences that come with the choices you make. Author's Purpose The text organization of this story is sequential. It is sequential because despite the injury to his brain Seymour endured in the war, the events (Sybil accusing him of being a banana fish, the lady in the elevator looking at his feet, ect...) truly lead up to Seymour's suicide and in turn kill him. Text Organization One example of how irony is present in this story occurs in the disease of PTSD. Irony is present because Seymour Glass goes from being in a physical war, fighting in the flesh, to coming home to something that's supposed to be peace, and instead enters a new war; internal war. This internal war then lead him to believe the only way to escape was to kill himself, something the war never did. Irony
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