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Project Lead The Way IED

No description

justin zummo

on 10 September 2015

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Transcript of Project Lead The Way IED

Instructor Info:
Mr. Justin Zummo
Email: jzummo@d125.org
Voice Mail: 847-415-4184
Free Periods: 2 and 8
Year Long Course
Project and Activity Based Learning
Engineering Design Process
Autodesk Inventor Engineering Software
3D Printers, CNC Mill, Laser Engraver
Design Challenges
Learning Management System Website
Training in Milwaukee at MSOE
Final Exam = College Credit!
Project Lead The Way
Introduction to Engineering Design

Unit 1: Design Process
Concept Sketching
Design Process
Discover Engineering (Careers)
Design Innovation (Product Evolution)

Unit 2: Technical Sketching and Drawing

Unit 3: Measurement Statistics
SI and US Systems
Unit Conversion
Linear Dimmensions
Applied Statistics

Unit 4: Modeling Skills
Graphical Modeling
Mathematical Modeling
Introduction to Software
Model Creation
Puzzle Cube Design

Unit 5: Geometry of Deisgn
Calculating Properties of Shapes
Geometric Constraints
Determining Density
Calculating Properties of Solids
Physical Property Analysis
Major Projects
Puzzle Cube
Reverse Engineering
Virtual Design
Students learn about...
Sketching Techniques
Applied Statistics
... then apply that knowledge by coming up with a puzzle cube design! They must plan it out on paper, model it on the computer, then actually assemble one with wooden cubes!
Puzzle Cube
Students learn about...
Visual Analysis
Functional Analysis
Structural Analysis
Advanced CAD Modeling Skills
Dimensioning Standards
Reverse Engineering
Students learn about...
Product Lifecycle
Team Norms
Product Research
...then apply that knowledge by selecting a design challenge and developing a solution.

Project Options:
Modular Coffee Shop Seating
Speaker Support System
Antique Goblet Display and Travel Case
New Happy Meal Toy
Locker Organizer

Virtual Design
Unit 6: Reverse Engineering
Visual Design Elements and Principles
Visual Analysis
Functinal Analysis
Structural Analysis
Product Reverse Engineering

Unit 7: Documentation
Dimmensioning Standards
Sectional Views
Assembly Models

Unit 8: Advanced Computer Modeling
Model a Mini Train
Parametric Constraints
Working Drawings
Auxiliary Views

Unit 9: Design Team
Product Lifecycle
Team Norms
Product Research
Virtual Design

Unit 10: Design Challenges
Technology Education Classes
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