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Feudal Japan

No description

Joe Biner

on 25 May 2013

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Transcript of Feudal Japan

and Comparison with Feudal Europe What is Feudalism? Europe Feudalism Japan Feudalism This form of Feudalism came from old Roman laws and customs along with Germanic traditions. It was most definitely supported by the Catholic Church. The system was based on contracts and deals. It developed with no knowledge of what was going on on the other side of the world... ...which was almost the exact same thing. Japan got the Feudal idea from a Chinese philosopher named Confucius, he was big on morality and respect of superiors. The system was based on moral duty not signed pieces of paper. Feudal Japan Feudalism is the social hierarchy of Medieval times. It is usually represented by this diagram: Differences is Feudal systems Feudal Japan had developed a similar system but with slightly different content In Feudalism the "Warrior" class was the most powerful, in Japan that was the samurai and in Europe it was the Knights, these warriors were almost completely different. The Knights followed the code of Chivalry and the samurai followed the Bushido code The samurai wore lightweight armor that didn't offer much protection. They were similar in duty to the Knights but they differed in morality and method. The samurai were very loyal to the daimyo and would even commit suicide to keep their honor. They expected woman to have the same honer and bravery as them. Samurai were encouraged to make poetry and art, they were very learned. Samurai Bio Knight Bio The Knights were large imposing figures that wore heavy, constricting metal armor. They were somewhat loyal to the lord but sometimes they would commit acts of treachery. They were required to treat woman as frail flowers and protect them. They were to avoid death as much as possible so no suicide for these guys. Knights were for the most part illiterate. Thanks for Watching! Important Dates and People. Start: 500 AD (approximate) End: 1500 AD (approximate) Important Dates and People. It started in France and Germany in the 9Th and 10Th century. It then spread to the rest of Europe. The feudal pyramid is derived from human nature: If you have nothing you gravitate to people that do. Start:12Th Century End: 19Th Century Main contributor to this form of feudalism was Confucius, a Chinese philosopher Religion in both Feudal Systems With Feudalism comes religion highly entwined with the government. This is especially true with Europe. Their religion of choice was Christianity, more specifically Catholicism. When viewing an accurate feudal pyramid there is a little storm cloud hovering over the king and it says POPE In Japan the predominant religion was Buddhism. It came from China and quickly spread throughout the entire island. The government and Buddhism was highly entwined just like Europe Japan Religion Literature in the Systems Japan Europe In Japan there was a very popular form of poetry called haiku. This type of poetry is always three lines with a set number of syllables (five, seven and five). The Samurai were highly encouraged to make these in there free time. In Europe poems were also important but they were more into epic poems. An epic poem is a really long novel-size poem that is usually centered on heroes or warriors. they also liked lyrical poems. These poems are mostly praising women and ideal love. Women in Feudal Japan The women in Japan were much less restricted than in Europe. They were treated more as equals and were expected to live up to the same rules of honor and courage as the Samurai. In fact women sometimes became Samurai! Women in Feudal Europe Even though they were praised in poems, women in Europe were treated like dogs: you took care of them but made sure they didn't get in trouble. They had no say in marriage, they had to stay home and do certain "female" jobs (sewing, spinning, weaving and farming).
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