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Animal Farm

No description

Andrew Trayer

on 1 June 2010

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Transcript of Animal Farm

Animal Farm C CCCC C Characters Czar Nicholas II Karl Marx Russian Orthodox Church Russian Revolution 1917 Joseph Stalin Leon Trotsky Pravda Secret Police England (Churchill) Germany (Hitler) Anti-Revolutionary Invasion of Russia Bourgeoisie Dedicated, tricked supporters Skepticl Russians and outsiders Squealer Snowball Moses Old Major Mr. Jones Animal Rebellion Napoleon Napoleon's Dogs Foxwood Farm (Pilkington) Pinchfield Farm (Frederick) Battle of Cowshed Mollie Boxer Benjamin Chapter 1 The farm, named Manor Farm, is owned by a farmer named Mr. Jones who has a drinking problem. While Mr. Jones is in power, the animals obtain minimum food and work hard. An old pig named Old Major has called a meeting to tell of his dream he had. His dream is of a time when animals would be free, own the land, and have plenty of food to eat. In the animals excitement, they woke up Mr. Jones. Due to his drinking problem, he became depressed for some time and forgot of the animals well being. Who in turn thought a coyote was threatening his animals and came out in a hurry with his gun in hand and shot off a few rounds into the air. The meeting was broken up by this event. Chapter 2 In the event of Old Major's death, the pigs, mainly Snowball, Napoleon, and Squealer, put Old Major's ideas and teachings into a system called Animalism. Other animals started to ask questions about this "new world", mainly Mollie, which asked about ribbons and sugar cubes. While Moses, the raven, began telling stories of a magical land called Candymountain which is far above the clouds in the sky where all animals go when they die. The rebellion actually comes sooner then most of them thought. The animals were starving and decided to smash in the wall of the Feed Room. Mr. Jones came rushing out along with his men and began trying to control the animals which in turn fought off the humans and ran them off the farm. After the rebellion, Snowball and Napoleon became the two leaders of the now proclaimed "Animal Farm". Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Napoleon had the animals fill up bins with sand and topped them with food to fool Mr. Whymper into believing that they had lots of food. He also had the sheep talk about "all" the food they have on the farm to also fool Mr. Whymper. Stories of Snowball's whereabouts started to surface, that he was in Foxwood and believed to visit the Animal Farm at nights and cause mayham. Also it was said that Snowball was always a spy of Mr. Jones even though Boxer thought this was not true and believed Snowball became a traitor later on. Napoleon had a meeting where he slaughtered any animal that was believed to be influenced by Snowball which shocked the animals, mostly Boxer. Another act that Napoleon made was the abolishment of the singing of the song "Beasts of England." The animals thought they remembered that one of the commendments said not to kill another animal but were to scared to say something. The animals on the farm began to run the farm on their own, and proving that they could work well with eachother. In the early days of them owning the farm, Boxer performed his duties on the farm harder then ever while Mollie and the cat worked barely. The two leaders, Snowball and Napoleon, were running things but never seem to agree with each other. Napoleon took the puppies away for "private schooling". It was discovered that the pigs had mixed the milk and apples into their food. Squealer defends this by saying it is brain food and that the pigs do not like eating it but have to. At this time they have made a flag out of a green cloth which they painted a hoof and horn onto to represent the future Republic of the Animals. Also they pigs began to give writing and reading leasons to the other animals, however it was not very sucessful with only a few of the smarter animals learning to do so. Along with everything that was going on, the sheep frequently began to burst out into, "Four legs good, two legs bad!" at key moments. It is now a few years later from the Rebellion, from the repulsion of Snowball, and the death of Boxer. Not many of the animals remember the old days of Mr. Jones or even of who Snowball is or boxer is. Many of the animals of the Rebellion have passed away and only a few remain that remember of before. Napoleon invited the farmers of the surrounding farms to a peaceful meeting between the farms. By now Animal Farm is one of the best profiting farms around. The other farmers respect the pigs and like how they keep the animals obedient and constantly hard working. The pigs, with Napoleon at the head, sat equal to the humans guest that came to the farm. They celebrated the sucess of the farm and played cards and drank. In the celebration, Napoleon stated that the farm was actually never Animal Farm, that it should always be known as Manor Farm. The other animals that secretly watched the pigs and man were confused and shocked. They walked away but rushed back when they heard another outburst, to find that two of them had a Ace of Spades. Along with finding out that someone was cheating in the game of cards with pigs and men, they have found that it was difficult to tell the pigs from the men. Big Picture Questions 1) Why does the ideas of Old Major not fully reflect what Animal Farm has become? 2) Why does none of the animal say anything early on? 3) Would the treatment of the animals have changed if the Windmill been used as it was meant to be? 4) 5) The pigs sent out pigeons to spread the news of what has happened on the farm.
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