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Bassanio Strikes a Deal

No description

Chua Shi Han

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Bassanio Strikes a Deal

Merchant of Venice Scene 2
'Bassanio Strikes a Deal' Literature Project Importance of the scene Bassanio went to see Shylock to borrow three thousand ducats.
If Bassanio fails to pay the loan, Antonio will be the guarantor.
A pound of flesh will be cut off from Antonio's body if they fail to meet the agreements of the bond.
Antonio agreed to those terms and signed the contract. Alex : Bassanio
John : Antonio
Jasper : Shylock Casting Wei Xin : Filming of the video
Shi Han : Editing of the Video The hat is a basket. We used plain paper and coloured markers to enhanced it and black strings to make the hair.
As for the moustache, we used a black market pen to draw and cut it out. Costume Design Jasper's house (BEDROOM)
The furniture that we used:
1. A black table
2. Two stood
3. Cups filled with water Set design Group Leader: Khoo Wei Xin (08)
Project Manager: Jasper Lim Yong Kang (26)
Research Manager: Alex Chow Qi Zheng (22) and Mizeer John(31)
Project Designer: Chua Shi Han (04) CREDITS THANK YOU!! :D
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