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B2B Communications

ADV 338K - Integrated Communications Management The University of Texas at Austin Spring 2011

Brandon Curl

on 1 May 2011

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Transcript of B2B Communications

Communications Inbound Marketing Business + Marketing The B2B Marketer clearly define the brand
consistently raise brand awareness
establish credibility through the brand
a trusted brand will capture larger share of channel margins and build brand loyalty
address the clients concerns Abby Internet usage has become a fluid part of our social and working lives.

Now companies can send outbound messages in even more direct, immediate, and personalized formats:

· Direct email
· Mobile messaging
· Online trade journals
· Digital catalogues

Process is the same – companies utilize direct and targeted forms of communication to push messages at prospective clients. Traditional Methods, New Media Outbound “push” Marketing vs. Inbound “pull” Marketing Kathryn History
-Medieval Traveling Fairs
-World's Fairs
-Modern-Day Trade Shows


-Utilizing space
-Promotion Trade Shows Complex products and Markets
raw materials,
processing services and supplies
specialized, niche market Replace or Combine?
• Benefits of an Outbound/Inbound marketing mix
• The Epiphany Stage

Google’s “2011 B2B Marketing Outlook” study:
Found that the average B2B marketer allocated the majority of their budgets on traditional media:
• trade shows and events (28%)
• magazines/trade publications (13%)
• direct mail (9%) Outbound marketing: the process companies use to target prospective clients by initiating a conversation regarding their products and services to engage them in a selling relationship.

· direct mail
· newsletters
· sales calls/telemarketing
· trade journals
· trade shows
· print advertising
· catalogues Outbound Marketing Challenges:
· Competing with 3,000 marketing messages a day
· Irrelevant content
· Messaging – Avoiding complex business jargon

Successful B2B Outbound Marketing techniques
· • 1-to-1 Communication
• • Personalized Messaging
· • Relevant Content
o 91 percent of consumers are opting out of e-mails
o 63 percent reported they may defect from brands due to irrelevant content
o “According to a 2008 Jupiter Research study, the number one reason that consumers unsubscribe from e-mail sources is due to lack of relevancy.”
o “Relevance is the key differentiator that separates successful marketing from wasted marketing” Using Metrics to Improve Outbound Messages

Outbound marketing drives traffic to website –> Track behavior on website –> Tailor future messages with relevant content based on behavior & interests Buyer involvement
Business Market
consists of all the organizations that acquire goods and services used in the production of other products or services that are sold, rented, or supplied to other customersthe business market
Marketing Communications
the means by which firms attempt to inform, persuade, and remind consumers - directly or indirectly--about the products and brands they sell highly invlolved buying process
complex The B2B Customer Businesses don't buy computer systems or office supplies.

People at businesses do. Laura American Express OPEN Forum Idea Hub + Business Apps
Content = Thought Leadership Results:
9,000 members
350% growth in unique monthly visitors Enterprise Branding

"Companies want to move up this branding ladder from what they sell to the culture of their corporation to ultimately what role they play in society." - John Seifert, Ogilvy North America IBM "A Smarter Planet" Connectodex
Collaboration = A Social Network "A series of conversations for a smarter planet."
Launched in 2009
Tackling "dumb network" issues worldwide in all industries
"We are looking at huge problems that couldn't be solved before. We can solve congestion and pollution. We can make the grids more efficient. And quite honestly, it creates a big business opportunity." - Sam Palmisano, IBM CEO Analytics Obtaining a 360-degree view of the customer. BusinessOnline's "Customer Intelligence" Measures customer interactions across all touchpoints.
Provides accurate predictions of customers' purchase cycles. Implemented for Cisco Systems
Tested on 400,000 companies
Proved to be 80% accurate in predicting purchases. Chelsey The Future of B2B Marketing

More Inbound, Less Outbound
-Social Media
-Mobile Marketing
-Google Instant Preview

Quality and Quantity of Leads Debate

Alignment of Sales and Marketing Teams

Virtual Trade Shows
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