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Writing and Presenting an Advocacy Brief

No description

Sarah Rollins

on 8 November 2011

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Transcript of Writing and Presenting an Advocacy Brief

Writing and presenting an advocacy brief before an elected body Advocacy in
Social work conclusion Advocacy and you Introduction The Basics Advocacy in your life Advocacy
work Three Roles Citizen Agent Advocacy Brief Example: Activity Effective Presentation Skills Criteria Specific recommendations Clear topic Clear position Clearly defined audience Appropriate background information Questions?
Evaluations... Advocacy Presentations Identify and analyze the audience
Identify basic orientation and argument
Determine the basic strategy of the presentation
Prepare verbal defense

Who? What? Where? Why? How? Enthusiastic Dynamic
Sincere Confident Passionate Articulate Animated (Woodford & Kulick, 2011) Presentation Components: Actionist The soul of social work Fight institutions of capitalism and oppression Role of supporter and adviser Advice, mediation and negotation Get into groups of two Choose one issue from field Complete the handout Key components of an
advocacy presentation Objectives Describe the key components of an effective advocacy presentation Identify the advocacy roles a social worker can take on Apply the now known uses of an advocacy brief to a target issues or problem in your field or previous work
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